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  • November 14, 2020

    Enterprise Video Platform – Mid-Cycle Update RC20201113 Released to All Zones

    Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones General Platform United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed a mid-cycle update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. This release is focused on increased scalability and performance as we look to 2021 with the need to even further scale-up infrastructure.

    1. Improved Cloud-Side Performance of Device Monitoring within Admin Panel and Visual Analytics Suite

      With the increased load came a more definitive need to further optimize the Devices tab within the Admin Panel, as well as the Visual Analytics suite.

    2. Deployed Infrastructure to Move Static Asset Delivery to the Global Content Delivery Networks (Will Be Enabled Iteratively Within Video Platform Instances)

      To improve global performance of Video Platform static asset resource loading (images, CSS files, etc.), this has been moved off our AWS-side infrastructure and now will load via the Content Delivery Networks. This will reduce page load times, as well as reduce sever load. This functionality will be deployed iteratively through Q4 to customer instances.

    3. Resolved Rare Issues Which Could Stall Loading of Notifications Panel within the Admin Panel

      Deployed improvements to the Notifications tab that resolved rare issues which could cause the Notifications data to stall when being loaded.

    4. Added API for Hardware Hubs to Be Remotely Auto Started

      The original API call did not adequately address auto-starts to devices without Profile IDs. Now, an API is available to auto-start 2U and 1U Hardware Hubs.

  • October 24, 2020

    Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20201023 Released to Canadian and European Zones

    Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones General Platform

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the European Union and Canada. Next week, we will perform the same update to our United States-based zones. This release was primarily focused on 250+ internal scalability improvements, performance of key functionality, as well as fixes and product improvements.

    1. Improved Performance of Zoom Ingestion

      The Video Platform sub-systems responsible for performing Zoom ingestion has been bolstered to provide even more robust and scalable ingestion of Zoom recordings. Many of these capabilities will complement a soon-to-be-released product called YuJa Himalayas for Digital Archiving and eDiscovery aimed at helping organization better manage the onslaught of digital media in a more compliant, scalable and cost-effective manner.

    2. Data Management Tool Provides Ability to Export Matching Results as a CSV Table

      To provide better capabilities to review and archive potential content, the Data Management tool within the Admin panel now provides the ability to export the matching results table.

    3. Faster Generation Speed for Embed Codes and Video Links for Longer Videos

      Though link generation speed is relatively fast, we recognize that some users need the links nearly instantaneously. Now, the links are available within seconds of the video being uploaded.

    4. Improved Performance of Audit Logs (Notifications Tab) Data Loads

      With even mid-sized organizations routinely seeing hundreds-of-thousands of audit log entries, the Video Platform now offer a more robust and performant Notifications tab.

    5. Improved Load Time of Visual Analytics and Admin Panel with Ultra-Large Data Sets

      Refinements to the load time of summary statistical information within both the Visual Analytics and Admin Panel have been made. These improvements are most noticeable for customers processing large volumes of video data.

    6. Improved Summary Cards for Institution Storage Boxes with New Third-Party Storage Type

      New Storage Type Summary Cards provides a summary of the key storage types including a new storage type: Third-Party Imports. This new type summarizes the quantity of content being stored that arrived via an automated ingestion from a third-party systems such as Zoom.

    7. Performance and Throughput Improvements to Canvas API Module

      The Canvas API Sync module has been improved to perform higher throughput Canvas data synchronization. Additional capabilities include:

      • Improved compatibility with Canvas API’s Enforce Scopes
      • Better integration with Canvas instances which do not perform archiving of historical course and user data
      • Faster data synchronization of new Canvas entity data

    8. Improved Video Quiz Gradebook Synchronization and Related Improvements

      Based on user feedback, the Video Platform now includes about 15+ fixes and improvements for better Gradebook synchronization and handling of edge-cases. We will continue to review user feedback to resolve additional concerns.

  • October 22, 2020

    Video Conference Platform – Update RC20201023 Released to All Zones

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones HTML5 Video Conferencing United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all Video Conference instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

    1. Cleaner More Modern Interface with Improved Action Bar Capabilities

      The HTML5-based Video Conference interface has a new look-and-feel that provides a cleaner interface, easier access to key capabilities, and a more intuitive navigation experience.

    2. New Quick Access Buttons with Click-to-Toggle Capabilities

      The new Navigation Bar auto-hides to ensure the visual focus is on the video conference experience rather than the toolset. The buttons also provide handy click-to-toggle between various view modes and sharing tools.

    3. Improved Video Conference Recording Synchronization

      This release includes over 25+ improvements to the video conference recording including audio synchronization.

    4. Coming Soon – Native YuJa Video Conference for Android Application

      This quarter, we also anticipate introducing our beta Video Conference for Android application. This is part of a broader strategy to provide a unified, cross-device video experience for on-demand and synchronous video.

  • September 12, 2020

    Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20200904 Released to Canadian and US Zones

    Canadian Zones General Platform Live Streaming United States Zones Video Editor Video Quizzes

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in Canada and the United States. For a summary of the release, please refer to the corresponding RC20200904 tag when deployed to the EU zones.

  • September 8, 2020

    Enterprise Video Platform – Infrastructure Now Released to Canadian Zone

    Canadian Zones

    The upgrade to our Canadian instances is now complete. We are monitoring the Video Platform’s response times. We encourage users to let us know if you are experiencing any login slow-downs or high-latency responses.

  • September 8, 2020

    Enterprise Video Platform – Infrastructure Upgrade Being Release to Canadian Zone

    Canadian Zones

    Based on reports this morning of slow Video Platform response times, the Operations Team is adding additional capacity to instances located within our Canadian zone. We expect the upgrade to be complete within the next 15 minutes.

  • August 15, 2020

    Video Conference Platform – Update RC20200814 Released to All Zones

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones HTML5 Video Conferencing United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all Video Conference instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

    1. More Scalable Phone Dial-In Support with Toll-Free Access Numbers

      Previously a beta feature, attendees now have the ability to dial into a video conference. While currently free, future releases will include the ability to purchase bundles of telephone access minutes.

    2. Streamlined Screensharing Workflow

      Now screensharing is even easier with one fewer step to initiate a screenshare.

    3. Improved Notification Management and User Experience

      Notifications now appear in a more structured manner on the right-hand-side of the video conference. Settings including notification sounds, messages and timeout, which are now configurable within the Settings dialog.

  • August 15, 2020

    Hardware Hub 1U and 2U Firmware Available

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones Hardware Hub United States Zones

    A new Hardware Hub maintenance release is now available that provides the following improvements:

      • #171733025 – Resolved rare issue which could cause a portion of the video to record but not be playable with the audio.
      • #159841557 – Upgraded firmware to be more efficiently execute on a Windows 10 operating system base configuration.
      • #173822351 – Resolved issue which could cause the live stream to remain disconnected after a Hub disconnects and reconnects from the Internet.
      • #173823798 – Introduced new 2U and 1U BIOS process when the unit loses power to return to a Connected state instead of requiring a power-cycle.
      • #174050106 – Resolved rare issue where a multi-part video could fail to upload all parts.
      • #173970211 – Resolved issue of a un-closed file handler which could occur during a live stream with an inline audio device.
  • July 24, 2020

    Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20200724 Released to All Zones

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones General Platform Media Management United States Zones Video Editor

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

    1. Audit Log Subscriptions with Subscription Management Capabilities
      Administrators can now create email subscriptions to specific Audit Log events. These events are sent in real-time to the specific users or email aliases. This enables scenarios such as a Device Sub-Administrator setting up subscriptions to be informed of all Device-level alerts for low-audio and auto-scheduling error.

    2. Additional Auto-Captioning Languages
      The Video Platform now supports Automatic Captioning (ASR) in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Turkish, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

    3. Improvements to Zoom Enterprise Connector
      The Zoom Connector now permits ingestion of password-protected and host-only content. Additionally, organizations with multiple Video Platform instances can now simultaneously integrate the same Zoom enterprise account into multiple Video Platform instances.
    4. Improved Localization of Date and Time Formats
      The Video Platform’s Branding tab now supports the ability to use either a Day/Month/Year or Year/Month/Day format.

    5. Canvas Native Integration for Non-LTI Automatic Course Provisioning, User Creation, and Roster Sync
      Complementing the IMS-certified LTI integration, the Video Platform now offers native Canvas synchronization. This native API-level capability pre-populates the Video Platform with LMS-side entities without the need for an LTI launch event. The course, user and roster entities are then continually updated to match their corresponding Canvas-side entity. For information on this capability, visit the YuJa Knowledgebase Article.
    6. Smaller Media Now Uploads Via Multi-Part Upload
      Multi-part Upload was originally implemented for larger (500MB+) content. Now the robustness of this implementation, including the ability to permit uploads to withstand intermittent or temporary Internet connection interruptions, is now available for smaller media files.
    7. YuJa Pro Captioning Now Supports Spanish Human Captioning
      Organizations using the YuJa Pro Captioning can now human-caption their content in Spanish.
    8. Improved Performance of Media Player When Large Number of Video Embeds
      The load-time and performance requirements of the Media Player has been improved to better support situations where a large number of videos are embedded into a single LMS or webpage.
    9. Improved Video Editor’s Video Insertion
      Improved robustness of video insertion into an existing video in situations where: 1) the video being inserted is a silent video or, 2) the slide or image is being inserted at the last second of the video.
    10. Ability to Automatically Perform Auto-Captioning (ASR) Directly into Preferred Language
      For organizations that would like to perform ASR in a non-English language by default, the Video Platform now provides the ability to specify their preferred default.

  • July 24, 2020

    Video Conference Platform – Update RC20200724 Released to All Zone

    Canadian Zones European Union Zones HTML5 Video Conferencing United States Zones

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

    1. Video Conference Recordings Are Now Playable in the Media Player

      Multi-party video conference recordings with screen, video and audio are now playable directly within the Enterprise Video Platform’s standard Media Player. This means that video conference recordings can now be edited, captioned, downloaded, thumbnailed, etc. with all the same capabilities afforded to standard captures and uploaded videos.

      In subsequent releases, we will be adding improved multi-person layouts, removing the interim step where a newly created recording initially plays back using the Video Conference application, and adding the ability for whiteboards and document sharing content to be linked to the recording as an attachment.

    2. Ability to Limit Access to Video Conference to Only Specific Users
      Administrators can now restrict access to the Video Conference to only specific users. This includes the ability to define who can create meetings and who can only attend meetings.