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  • January 28, 2022

    Enterprise Video Platform – Update 20220128 Released to CAN and EU Zones

    Browser Capture Canadian Zones Enterprise Video Platform European Union Zones Upcoming Update Video Editor Video Quizzes

    We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in Canada and the European Union. This update includes about 200+ features and smaller improvements including improved Media Chooser recording options, new video editing insertion capabilities, refreshed layouts, faster loading of course and roster data, enhanced metadata searching capabilities, and much more! This will be released to the United States zone next Friday.

    1. LMS Media Chooser Integration with Browser Capture Studio
      Users are now able to launch the Browser Capture Studio via the Media Chooser (LMS Extension). Simply by clicking Start, users can easily create presentation recordings, and then select them within the Choose Media tab afterwards. This enables Content Creators to quickly record course content and student assignments.
    2. 4 Shadow 1

    3. New Video Editor Insertion Options for Inserting Single-Stream Videos into Multi-Stream Videos
      The Video Editor now provides more seamless tools for Content Creators to insert (and override) single-stream videos seamlessly into multi-stream videos. Moreover, we have also expanded the Video Editor’s capabilities to include inserting lengthy videos into shorter videos.
    4. Video Edit Insert Shadow

    5. Improved EnterpriseTube with New ‘More Videos’ Carousel 
      As part of a multi-release plan to add more powerful capabilities to the EnterpriseTube, this release we start some UI improvements. The EnterpriseTube now has an additional More Videos carousel, which provides additional room to publicly showcase content.
    6. Enterprise Tube Shadow (1)

    7. Refreshed Courses & Groups UI Layout with Improved Filtering, Faster Data Loading and Responsive Design
      Courses and Groups was completely overhauled from the ground-up to be more capable of handling tens-of-thousands of courses and roster entries. Users will now experience a faster, efficient, and more functional flow that is based on user feedback.
    8. 5 Shadow

    9. Ability to Search for Video PID within Media Library Using Information Encoded in Direct Link or Embed Code
      Users are now able to use the Media Search Bar to search for a video using the information encoded in a Direct Link or an Embed Code. This was a heavily requested feature by our Administrators to identify where a video, known only by Direct Link or Embed Code, resided within the Video Platform. Instructions on how to search a video through Direct Link or Embed Code can be found by clicking the arrow icon located in the Search Bar.
    10. U Shadow

    11. Detection of Errors in Manually Edited SRT Caption Files
      This new capability is able to detect and provide more detailed remediation information when users manually upload a SRT caption file that contains formatting issues. This aids Content Creators in easily correcting the errors, and saves all users from future inconveniences.
    12. Srt Full Shadow

    13. Ability to Search by Metadata Fields Defined in a Custom Metadata Schema
      The Metadata Fields defined within a Metadata Schema are now searchable with a new search operator called “metadata:” For Organizations using a Custom Metadata Schema, users will now be able to generate more accurate search results.

      • Metadata Field Search in the Media Library

      • Metadata Field Search in the Media Chooser
        Image (25)
    14. New APIs Available for Deeper Device Status Information and Functionality Customization
      As third-party Developers seek to do more with their external tools and integrations, we continue to add new capabilities within our REST APIs.

      • Ability to Query Device Status Through Supported REST API
        This API allows Application Developers to create an external page or application that summarizes their Organization’s Device statuses and provides a preview of a Device’s audio and video activity. We understand that some Organizations prefer to operate within a custom-built monitoring system, so now they have the capabilities to build this out fully. Please refer to this guide to learn more.

      • Ability to Specify Scheduled Recording Storage Location
        This feature allows Application Developers to determine where a scheduled recording will be stored upon completion (as opposed to storing completed recordings in a general Default Collection).
    15. Ability to Customize YouTube Ingest Compliance Notification to Meet Local Compliance Laws
      Administrators can now customize the prompt that will appear when users import a video from YouTube. In addition to a custom message, Administrators are able to provide a link to their country’s relevant legal rulings and institution policies for users to refer to. To learn more about this feature, please click here.
    16. 2 Shadow

    17. Improved Visualization of Word Cloud and Confidence Score Highlights when Using the Model A – Auto-Captioning Engine
      We have made significant visual improvements to the Word Cloud feature for the Model A – Auto-Captioning Engine. Additionally, we have made significant improvements to the Confidence Scores shown in the Video Editor for Model A.
    18. 3 Shadow

    19. More Expansive Spanish and Portuguese Translations Now Available
      To better support users from diverse linguistic backgrounds, we are providing more comprehensive Spanish and Portuguese translation support within our Enterprise Video Platform. To learn how to enable your preferred language, please click here. For future releases, we are currently working on expanding our services to provide Finnish and Dutch translations.
    20. 8 Shadow

    21. Refreshed Hub Profile and Workflow
      The Hub Profile creation workflow has been refined to allow users to more efficiently create Hub Profiles. To learn more about this feature, please click here.
    22. 9 Shadow

    23. Ability to Search by Full Name in Roster
      To allow for a faster and more refined search process, Administrators will now be able to search for users using their full names.
    24. Roster New

    25. Notification when User Role Has Been Changed
      To allow for easier tracking of purposeful and inadvertent role changes, Administrators can now receive a notification in the Audit Log when a user’s role has been changed within the Video Platform.
    26. 17 Shadow

    27. Refined UI Flow for Downloading a Transcript from Media Player Sidebar
      The workflow for downloading a Transcript from the Media Player Sidebar has been improved (from a slightly confusing previous UI). Moreover, the Transcript will now be included when students decide to Bulk Download all associated Resources. To learn more about this feature, please click here
    28. 12 Shadow

    29. Ability to Disable Ability to Take Video Quiz via “Bell Icon” in Video Platform
      Administrators can now disable Video Quiz Notifications which, in turn, prevents students from accessing video quizzes from the Bell icon. The most common reason to do so is to ensure that all quiz attempts flow to the LMS Gradebook (via an authenticated LMS LTI Launch event) instead of only the Video Platform’s Gradebook.
    30. 13 Shadow

  • October 12, 2018

    United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20181012 Released

    General Platform HTML5 Video Conferencing Upcoming Update Video Editor

    We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian zones next week. This release includes over 25+ new features and improvements.

    1. Improved Analytics Report Exportation Performance for Large Data Sets – When exporting large raw data sets from the Analytics tab, both the performance and overall capability have been improved.
    2. Improved Performance of Video Conference Invite for Large Groups of Users – In instances where the available number of internal users or the invite list is large, improved the page responsiveness.
    3. Improved Performance of Courses & Groups Invite dialog for Large Groups of Courses – In instances where there are thousands of active courses, improved the overall performance of the invite list.
    4. Improved Performance of the Share dialog for Large User Sets – Improved both the initial load performance and the selector to add additional users. Also added additional asynchronous aspects to improve overall load performance.
    5. Improved the Video Editor’s Zoom-In-Zoom-Out Rendering Speed – When using the zoom capabilities of the video editor, the audio waveform renders faster and more efficiently.
    6. Improved the HTML5 Video Conference Replay Stability – Handled additional “edge cases” related to the replay of the video conference afterwards.
    7. Added “Follow Me” Presentation Mode within HTML5 Video Conference – New capabilities enable viewers to automatically see what’s being presented while the Presenter toggles between documents, whiteboards and screenshares.

    We also wanted to provide advanced notice of some workflow improvement and new features that will be available in an upcoming release currently slated for late-October / early-November. This update is focused on creating a more intuitive and design-forward experience for users.

    If you’d like to learn more about these updates, please contact your Account Manager to schedule a live training session. Improvements include:

    1. Unification of Media Channels Navigation Buttons – The View Channels is now part of a unified Media Library. This promotes a more cohesive overall experience – especially for new users – when viewing and managing media. Currently, there are separate “View Channels” and “Upload & Manage” navigation buttons which historically causes some users confusion on which to use.
    2. Unification of Media Channels into the Media Library – Media Channels interface directly within the Manage Media’s All Channels view. This cohesive experience further simplifies how users navigate within the Platform. We offer users the ability to toggle between the Channel-style and Library-style viewing experience depending on their preference.
    3. Left Bar Sub-Folder Navigation Capabilities – New Left Bar capabilities simplify navigation across folders and sub-folders. This new folder navigation is also integrated with our existing drag-and-drop for convenient content publishing.
    4. Resizable Navigation Bar with Improved LMS Layouts – Along with a more compact and resizable Left Navigation Bar, we also have created a more dynamic Media Channels layout when viewed inside LMS windows.
    5. Quick Access to Video Analytics – Content owners will be able to view summary analytics directly within the Media Details popup, as well as, click to see a more detailed Content Analytics view.
    6. Clearer Create Recording Workflow with Improved Notifications – When launching the Software Capture desktop application using the Create Recording button, the UI is clearer and more informative.
    7. Design-Forward Cues and Effects – We incorporated a host of design-forward effects including innovative hover effects when navigating a specific video, modern status notifications and page transition effects. All of them are subtle but focused on creating a more appealing environment for today’s video consumer.
  • November 24, 2017

    Upcoming Change: Improved Capture & Live Stream Workflow

    Upcoming Update Update

    As we close out the 2017 calendar year, we will be using the slower December holiday season to refine and improve a few workflows. One, in particular, is a workflow that will simplify initiating a Software and In-Browser Capture from within the Platform or LMS (non-finalized preview screenshot below).

    Essentially currently clicking on the Capture & Live Stream currently goes to a three-box layout from which you then initiate a capture. In mid-December onwards it will be a dialog which allows you to perform a one-click software capture initiation. Keep in mind that this dialog will preserve any Browser Capture ON/OFF settings that you have established within the Admin Panel -> Platform Tab. If you have questions about this upcoming change, please do not hesitate to reach out to