Hardware Hub Firmware – Update v5.00 Now Available

A new Hub firmware is available for both the RCS-430 and RCS-550 models focused on improving the handling of specific scenarios and edge-cases. To request your Hubs to be updated, please provide a list of Hub UDIDs to your designated Customer Success Manager.

  1. Improved Source Recovery Logic During Disconnections

    The Hub-side and video processing-side has been improved to better handle situations where the audio or video source disconnects intermittently during the recording.

  2. Improved Internet Disconnection Recovery Logic

    Improved live stream resumption in situations where the Hub’s Internet becomes unstable or disconnects temporarily.

  3. Added Firmware Version Summary within Source Details Tab

    To help organizations track the versions of the specific components of their Hub’s firmware.

  4. Improved LCD Screen Status Indicators

    Improved the status indicators that are displayed for the Hub’s recording statuses.

  5. In addition to the above improvements, a number of fixes for specific scenarios were also improved including:
    • Resolved issue where, in some situations, RS 232 commands did not transmit correctly to the RCS-550 Hub.
    • Improved source synchronization when a pause and resume operation occur via RS-232 commands.
    • Resolved issue where if inline audio is unplugged during the recording, the audio wouldn’t record after being plugged in back.
    • Resolved issue that prevented capture at the 1920 x 1200 aspect ratio
    • Resolve issue that could result in a slow memory usage and generate excessive logs
    • Improved stability and quality of HDMI Embedded Audio recording