Software Capture for Apple (v5.0.0) Released to All Geographic Zones

We have released a new Software Capture for Apple version (version v5.0.0) to all instances located in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This releases contains over 75+ features and improvements. The highlights are summarized below.

  1. Support for Up to 6 Simultaneous Audio, Screen or Video Sources
    Ability to record from multiple sources simultaneously, including up to two video sources, two audio sources and two screen sources in a single recording.
  2. Improved Recording Toolbar with Audio-Level Bars
    Matching the PC-based Software Capture, the Apple Capture now has a new Recording Toolbar which also provides integrated audio-level bars.
  3. Integrated Stream Upload Progress Indicators with Estimated Time and Bandwidth Speed
    After a recording, an Upload Status bar will appear providing accurate upload status information as your recording streams upload to the cloud-hosted Video Platform. Additionally, the estimated completion time and current connection speed are also added.
  4. Installer Provides Error Message When Attempting to Install on Non-Compatible macOS
    We moved the minimum OS version message to the installer rather than the application file itself.
  5. Dozens of Newly Audit Logged Events Including Full State Tracking of In-Progress Recording Uploads
    Administrators and our Support Staff can now view the upload progress of videos, along with dozens of newly logged audit events.
  6. Proctoring Sessions Now Show Upload Progress Just Like Regular Recordings
    Just like regular recordings, proctored sessions now show the upload progress, as well as an extra reminder to not turn off your computer.
  7. Streamlined Organization Search and Login Workflow
    The sign-in process has been streamlined with improved Organization search, a facility to auto-detect and pre-configure the user’s organization, and pre-selection of the Single Sign On login method.
  8. Ability to Preset the Default Profile
    Users can now establish what the Default Profile for a given Software Capture installation should be.