United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20181123 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian zones next week. This release includes over 100+ new features and improvements.

  1. “Share with Users” Capability Now Supports Ad-Hoc Folder-Level Sharing – The Share button is now also enabled for folders. Previously, a pre-created shared folder was needed to share content at the folder level. Now, simply select Share Folder within the More Actions menu.
  2. Ability to Grab the Direct Link and Embed Code to a Media Channel – Content aligned to a Media Channel – most often used as playlists linked to an LMS course – can now be embedded or shared via a direct link to the content. This offers Content Owners flexibility in sharing and sending content aligned to an LMS-linked playlist.
  3. Shared Folders Now Offer Pre-Generated Embed and Direct Links – Folders within an organization’s Shared Folders now can be shared externally with pre-generated direct link and embed codes.
  4. Video Editor Top-Bar Offers More Relevant Actions – When users are in the video editor, the primary actions shown in the Top Navigation Bar are now change to Save and Close buttons.
  5. Video Editor’s Cut Operations Now Offers Improved Play-Head Alignment and Fine Tuning Ability – We re-tooled some the trim operations to offer the ability to establish more accurate cut operations. This is achieved with the following sub-capabilities:
    • Playhead and accompanying timestamp will move when trimming the start or end.
    • During a trim, set the trim to the playhead when performing a trim-head operation.
    • Clicking on an cut opens up a dialog to manually set the edit time.

  6. Improved Live Stream Synchronization on Both Software and Hardware Platforms – After months of research, we are introducing server-side, time-stamp synchronization that should improve multi-source, live stream synchronization when using either our hardware appliance or desktop-based software applications.Our research indicates that there are two key ways to ensure source synchronization. The first is to “fuse” the streams together during the encoding process and transmit them as a unified stream. Alternatively, we believe our server-side, time-stamping algorithm offers the ability to retain the benefits of true multi-source live streaming while improving the synchronization of streams. We encourage you to provide your feedback on how this algorithm dynamically adjusts – typically after a minute of streaming – to improve the live stream source synchronization during an active live stream.
  7. Additional Obfuscation of Content Embedded with LTI Deep Linking – Content that is embedded using the CIM-enabled Deep Linking protocol now will perform an additional security check based on the user PID. This helps prevent potentially skimming of content from the HTML code.
  8. Improved the Front-End Caching Layer When Moving Media Between Folders – We optimized the caching layer by performing a selective cache bypass, in some cases, to avoid getting stale data.
  9. Hardware Hub Improvements Related to Delayed Start Setting on Device Signals – We now offer the ability to have the Delay Start setting as enabled-by-default, as well as improved video playback robustness in situations where a particular video signal is never present for the entire recording session.
  10. Improved Zoom API Integration – We implemented a targeted set of changes to improve Zoom integration, status notifications, as well as minor updates to the Admin Panel’s Zoom Connector UI.