United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20181221 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian zones next week. This release includes over 50+ new features and improvements.

  1. Video Editor Caption Edits Can Now Automatically Update Indices and Transcripts – We added selection toggles to the Video Editor’s Save dialog that enable users to select if they would like their caption edits to also update the index and transcript (both PDF and text transcripts). In the next release, we will be adding some further improvements to provide both a Replace Existing option to complement the Save as New Video option.

  2. Improved Robustness of Video Analytics Percentage Watched Detection – We resolved an internal tracking issue that could prevent the Percentage Watched value from being computed properly.
  3. Improved Moodle Media Chooser Integration with Some Moodle LMS Versions – Implemented a new YuJa Media Chooser for Moodle plugin which invokes an account creation only in the specific case when the YuJa button is pressed. Please email your Customer Success Manager to receive the latest plugin.
  4. Left Navigation Bar Expansion Behavior Makes It Easier to Perform Drag-and-Drop Operations – To make it easier to navigate while performing drag-and-drop operations, opening a folder via the tree-like structure does not trigger a navigation action.

  5. Improved Left Navigation Bar Keyboard Accessibility and Visual Cues – Improved both keyboard-only navigation of the Left Navigation Bar and added a visual key to indicate the highlighted folder. Also added folder expansion with the Spacebar key.

  6. Improved Capabilities to Establish a System-Wide Publishing Delay within the Admin Panel – Previously establishing a system-wide publishing delay required Professional Services to deploy an on-demand module. Now organizations can use self-service options within the Admin panel to establish a System-Wide Publishing Delay and Content Owners can override this with Publish Now and Skip Publish options.

  7. Video Editor Timeline Now Shows Blur Regions and Image Insertion Visual Indicators – We improved the timeline to show visual indicators for elements added as video overlays.

  8. Faster Analytics Visualization for Media Objects with 250,000+ Data Points – We completely re-tooled the visualization generation algorithm used within the Visual Analytics’ Contents tab to more quickly process the analytics visualizations. This will improve the overall speed and ensure that analytics load properly for heavily used media.
  9. Blackboard Media Chooser Extension Now Compatible with Blackboard Build Contents section – The latest Media Chooser extension can be used to insert media into Blackboard’s Build Contents section. We encourage our Blackboard customers to request the newest Media Chooser for Blackboard from their Customer Success Manager.
  10. New Blackboard Integration Supports Blackboard Web Link Module Including Ability to Add Homepage Web Link – To provide improved support to our Blackboard customers, we have released a new integration capability that allows organizations to add a My Media link directly onto non-course level pages via the Blackboard Web Link Module.

We also used this release to improve about 35+ other smaller items. In the next release, we are deepening our Device Auto-Scheduling capabilities around delegating schedule opt-out, support for audio-only editing capabilities, improved zoom-in and zoom-out within the video editor, video conferencing improvements, the ability to insert video quizzes using your respective LMS’s Media Chooser extension, and much more.