Update to HTML5 Video Conferencing System Released to All Zone

A new version of the Video Conference platform has been released that includes several improvements and features. The release cadence for the Video Conference has been increased to twice-a-month as we roll out capabilities on a more aggressive release schedule in preparation for the Fall.

  1. Support for Up To 9 Participants on Video
    The maximum number of participants on video has been increased to 9. Over the coming months, we will continue to increase this maximum.
  2. 10+ Smaller Fixes and Improvements Including:
    • Improvement to mute, no-sound and no-video icon sizes to be more consistent and sized to the video box.
    • Improved handling of video source switching in instances where it is performed very quickly (or toggled).
    • Resolved issue where copying the meeting link via the Copy Link button did no work on Chrome or Edge.