US, Canadian and European Union Instances – Video Conference Platform RC20200619 Released

A new version of the Video Conference platform has been released that includes 15+ features and improvements. Please keep in mind that the release cadence for the Video Conference has been increased to twice-a-month (or more) as we roll out capabilities on a more aggressive release schedule in preparation for the Fall.

  1. Improved Participant Management Capabilities with Integrated Virtual Classroom Tools
    The Participant Management panel now offers an improved visualization of participant capabilities and roles. The Panel also now provides an integrated menu to manage mute settings, charge role and enable and disable media sources.

  2. New Mute Management Capabilities for Simplified Virtual Classroom Management
    Meeting owners now have additional mute capabilities to better manage the number of speakers during a multi-person virtual classroom. New mute management capabilities include:

    • Mute specific participants
    • Mute All participants with sub-capabilities to enable participants to subsequently unmute themselves
    • Offer the ability to speak to specific, owner-selectable participants