YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024

We have successfully pushed an update to all Enterprise Video Platform instances residing in Canada and the European Union. Zones residing in the United States, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia will be updated later this week. The highlights for this update include a new visual search experience with improved search capabilities, an update of the Video Editor theme to a dark theme, IMS Caliper Analytics support for YouTube videos, direct links to video quizzes will record grades for users, performance report tracking for the Video Editor, more accurate tracking of unique video views using IP address, enhanced screen reader capabilities, overall UI enhancements, and much more.

  1. New Visual Search User Experience with Slide-out Drawer with Time-Sequenced Results
    We have redesigned the user experience of the Visual Search to provide improved at-a-glance search match information, along with the ability to quickly review more detailed metadata match information. New capabilities include:

    • Visually Summary Bar: Clear color-aligned search match summary information that shows how a particular search term matched within the captions, slides (OCR), in-video comments, and indexes
    • Slide-Out Match Details: Clicking Match Details now presents a slide-out drawer with time-sequenced, color-coded search matches along
    • Improved Timeline Indicators: The search matches are now better annotated along the timeline bar of the video thumbnail
    • Improved Accessibility and Responsiveness: The user experience now offers a more modern, responsive and screen-reader-accessible design.
    • Multi-Selection of Search Results: A convenient multi-selection of search results to perform bulk actions is now available.

    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024

  2. Improved Search Capabilities to Locate OCR, Captions, Table of Contents, and Comments
    We’ve optimized that search infrastructure to ensure search results are quickly displayed across all metadata layers.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  3. Search for Folders on the Video Platform When Using Basic Search
    When using the Video Platform’s basic search, users will find relevant folders on the search results page.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  4. Video Editor Now Uses Dark Theme to Improve the Contrast of Editable Elements and Reduce Eye Strain
    Our Video Editor has been redesigned with a dark theme to reduce eye strain and improve the ability to edit the video content.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  5. IMS Caliper Analytics – In-Depth Integration of Video Viewership Data for YouTube Videos
    Previously, we added additional data with our third-party Caliper Analytics integration to help administrators make more informed decisions about their content uploaded to the Video Platform. We’ve now expanded our analytic capabilities to include video viewership metrics for uploaded YouTube content, monitoring the following information:

    • Points on the video timeline viewers play the video.
    • Points on the video timeline viewers pause the video.
    • Specific points selected on the video timeline.

    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024

  6. Visual Analytics Overview Now Offers New Directional Summary Cards With Integrated Directional Graphs
    Each panel in the Overview tab for Usage & Analytics offers a graphical representation of the trend line of the given metric. The goal is to provide improved at-a-glance information to administrators. Over the coming quarters, we expect to roll out this new analytics representation to other reports.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  7. New Compact Design for Media Library Folders with More Accessibility Action Menu
    The Media Library folder design now offers a more compact design with a clearer pop-out menu style.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  8. Video Quizzes: Direct Links to Video Quizzes Will Record Grades for Users
    Previously, grades from Video Quizzes accessed through direct links were assigned to an “anonymous” user within the Video Platform. With the recent update, authenticated users who take a quiz using a direct link will have their grades automatically recorded and synched with the gradebook in the Video Platform.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  9. Administrations Can Receive Automatic Emails for Device Schedules
    Administrators can schedule reports for devices on their platform to obtain a CSV file containing a list of past or upcoming automated recording sessions within a specified period of time.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  10. New Report for Tracking the Historical Computational and Delivery Performance of the Video Platform
    The Report panel in Usage & Analytics offers administrators the option to request a performance report. This report provides insights into the Video Platform’s speed in processing requests, such as:

    • Media processing time.
    • Completion of auto-captions.
    • Time taken for videos to be playable.
    • Load times for various information, including the Roster, Devices, Campus Tube, and Gradebook pages.

    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024

  11. Consolidated Usage and Object Reports Within the Data Management Tab
    In our previous release, we updated the Data Management page by consolidating information from the Overview page in Usage & Analytics and the Admin Panel. We are continuing to update the Data Management page, which now offers the option to retrieve reports for storage usage and stored objects.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  12. Configurable Email Notifications for Media Deletion and Recycle Bin Actions
    We’ve expanded customization options for administrators, allowing for personalized automatic email notifications when media content owned by a user is deleted and when media is moved to the recycle bin.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  13. More Accurate Tracking of Unique, Unauthenticated Video Views Using IP Address
    We’ve implemented an IP-based approach to tracking unique video view counts for authenticated and unauthenticated users.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  14. Roster Panel Supports Email-Based Search
    Administrators have the option to look up users on the Roster panel by using their email addresses.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  15. Enhanced Screen Reader Accessibility for Mouse-Hover Actions
    Users who require screen reader assistance will find improved functionality in scenarios where mouse-hover actions are required to select content.
  16. Updated Color Scheme and Text for the Advanced Search Console
    We’ve improved the Advance Search Console’s overall color palette and text to align more closely with our brand goals.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024
  17. New APIs to Add or Delete Users from Shared Folders
    We’ve added new APIs which can add and delete users from shared folders (1.2.12 and 1.2.13).

Himalayas Add-On

  1. Specify the Number of Days Media Will Remain in the Exclusion List
    Previously, content would remain in the exclusion list for 90 days. We have now provided the option for administrators to set a custom amount of days to keep items in the exclusion list.
    YuJa Enterprise Video Platform Update – May 2024