YuJa Panorama for Digital Accessibility – Update RC20210408 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all Panorama instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

  1. New User Engagement Report

    A new User Engagement report provides real-time visual summaries of how users are engaging with Panorama. Reports include Panorama console and “widget” usage, number of times a recommended accessibility suggestion was implemented, and how often alternative formats are used.

  2. PowerPoint Analysis Now Includes Reading Order Checks

    The PowerPoint Accessibility Analysis Engine (AAE) has been improved to perform Reading Order checks to ensure that objects displayed are in a logical reading order. This is a critical element to use within screen-readers.

  3. New User Feedback Reporting Tool

    One of the ways we learn how our automated accessibility checks are doing is through feedback from users. Now users can provide feedback on Panorama, and more specifically how well a particular accessibility conversion performed, directly within the Panorama Console.

  4. In addition to the above improvements, a number of fixes for specific scenarios were also improved including:
    • Improved detection of items with missing Alternative Text on PowerPoints
    • Resolved issue within the Blackboard Course Homepage where the Accessibility Gauge could fail to load.
    • Resolved issue where tagged PDFs were incorrectly listed as regular PDFs
    • Ability to replace files directly within the LTI-based application’s Accessibility Report.