Canadian and European Union Instances – Enterprise Video Platform RC20200619 Released

We have successfully released an update of the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform to all instances in the European Union and Canada. This release includes over 155+ new features and improvements. A corresponding release will be deployed to United States instances in one week.

  1. New Notifications Tab within Admin Panel That Unifies All Logging, Audit Logs, and System Events
    All audit logging capabilities of the Video Platform and Video Conferencing Platform – including Device Logging, Admin Overview, Software Capture Audit Tracking, and Video Conferencing Audit Logging – have been unified into a single Notifications tab. This new tool provides scalable filtering of millions of events by type, name, user, device, and date. In an upcoming release, we will introduce the ability to selectively create self-subscription to specific event subsets.

  2. Deep Audit Tracing for Media and Folders Actions Including Content Deletions and Moves
    Audit logs for actions performed on media and folders – including deletion, renaming, changing owner, and dozens more – are now available within the new Notifications tab. This enables Administrators to carefully trace videos in situations where, among other things, end-users cannot find a specific video or are unsure about a performed video action.

  3. Added Drag-and-Drop Support for WAV and M4A Audio Files
    The drag-and-drop Media Management ingestion capability has been extended to support both WAV and M4A audio formats.
  4. 15+ New Video Editor Improvements and Options:
    • Edits of Videos with an Internal Audio Track – Improved trimming of videos that contain an internal audio track. Previously the internal (system) audio track could be lost during an edit operation.
    • High Volume of Cuts – Improved performance when performing a large number of cuts (20+), as well as situations where so many cuts are performed that the video’s duration has been reduced by 90%+
    • Advanced Edit Operations – Resolved a number of issues where advanced editing workflows involving multiple blurs, text-labels with special characters and telestrations could fail to properly process within the Video Editor pipeline.
  5. Brand-Aligned “Forgot Your Password” Screen with Improved Workflow
    The Forgot Your Password workflow is now aligned to the branding and styling of the Login page. Further, the workflow for resetting a user password is also streamlined into a two-step email verification process.

  6. Improved Overview Panel for Administrators with Faster Load Times
    The Overview tab of the Admin Panel now loads more quickly and provides at-a-glance visuals on overall activity via the Summary Cards at the top and current storage utilization below.

  7. Unified Media Security Tab with New Domain Restriction Capability for Embedded Content
    The Security Settings for Password, Authentication, Date, IP Range, Location and Domain have been consolidated within the Links tab of Media Details. In addition to being a more natural place for it, the Video Platform’s Security tab now includes:

    • The ability to restrict an embed code for use on a particular website sub-domain.
    • New capabilities to layer multiple security settings for a given media. Now content can have simultaneous security settings such as Date, Password and Location restrictions.

  8. New Video Quiz Settings Including the Ability to Limit Number of Reattempt and Specify Which Attempts to Record
    Video Quizzes now provides more customization options to specify how many quiz attempts to permit, which quiz attempts should be stored, and which attempts should be recorded in the LMS Gradebook.

  9. More Readable Gradebook View
    The Video Platform’s Gradebook table view now has a more modern tabular view with additional Attempts filtering capabilities.

  10. New Zoom Enterprise Connector Options for Deletion After Importing and Self-Enrollment
    The Zoom Marketplace Enterprise Connector now offers some additional options for deleting recordings after the import is complete, as well as options for users to self-enroll their Zoom account (which is part of an Organization-wide Zoom master account) to import meeting recordings. Depending on when you installed the Zoom Marketplace application, the new deletion capabilities may necessitate re-installing the Zoom Marketplace app to associate the updated permission sets.

  11. New Zoom Audit Logging Capabilities
    To better trace issues and status during Zoom import operations, the Zoom Enterprise Connector now provides audit logging capabilities on actions performed during importation. Of course, these Zoom audit logging capabilities are shown within the Admin Panel’s Notification tab.

  12. Pop-up Blocker Detector Installed for Video Editor and In-Browser Capture
    To help prevent confusion when a browser-based Pop-up Blocker plugin blocks access to the Video Editor or In-Browser Capture (which open in a new tab), the Video Platform now provides notification to the user of the situation.

  13. Infrastructure for Custom Transcode and Bitrate Management Tools
    Laying the groundwork for an upcoming Admin Panel tool to provide Transcode Management capabilities, this release we deployed the foundational infrastructure to soon support this functionality. In an upcoming summer release, the Video Platform will introduce the actual Advanced Transcode Management capabilities.
  14. Third-Party Integration with Epiphan Third-Party Hardware Capture Appliances
    The Devices tab within the Admin Panel now integrates a rich Epiphan device integration that provides the ability to register, auto-schedule, and auto-ingest recordings. The new Epiphan Middleware Controller architecture ensures that the Epiphan integration can scale to any number of local Epiphan appliances. Further, this Controller architecture can be extended to manage any third-party hardware capture appliances.