Canadian Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20200229 Released

An update to the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform has been released to instances hosted in our Canadian zone. This release will be made available to instances in the United States and the European Union next week. This update contains over 150+ new features and improvements with highlights provided below.

  1. Introducing YuJa Pro Captioning Service Offering ADA-Compliant Captioning
    YuJa is introducing YuJa Pro Captioning, a human-based ADA-compliant captioning service that delivers 99%+ captioning. This service complements our existing human-based, third-party captioning integrations to offer competitively priced human-based captioning. We offer 24-hour, 48 hours, and 5-day turnaround options and pricing as low as $0.95 per minute. For more information, please contact your Account Manager.

  2. HTML5-Based In-Browser Capture Now Available
    A new HTML5-based capture solution is now available as a beta feature of the Video Platform. This enables users to create short recordings quickly without requiring any downloads. Over the upcoming releases we will be introducing screen recording and multi-video capabilities.

  3. New Video Editor Options Including Blackout Video Source and Image Title Card Insertion
    New editing options are available within the Video Editor to upload a still image as a Title Card, as well as black out a particular video source for a period of time. Blacking out a video source provides time-synchronized redaction of a particular video stream.

  4. Minor Version Update to YuJa Mobile for Android application (2.1.0)
    A new minor update to the YuJa Mobile for Android was deployed to the Android Play store. This resolved 10+ small issues including an issue that could cause the Mobile Capture to crash on Android devices with stratified storage space

  5. Recording Initiated Via Media Chooser LMS Extension Now Show Up Faster
    Content recorded by initiating the Software Capture link within the Media Chooser now more quickly selectable for LMS insertion.

  6. Video Quizzes Now Offer the Ability to Create Custom Points (“Weights”) to Certain Questions
    To enable customized grading structures of video quizzes, Content Creators can now add customized grade points for particular questions. This enables certain questions to be weighted more heavily than others.

  7. Shared Folders Are Now Continually Updated When Content Owners Add New Content to the Folder
    Folders shared with others now are updated continuously to reflect any new content that Content Owners add to the folder.

  8. Ability to Search and Filter by User within the Admin Panel’s Audit Log
    Administrators can now filter through the audit log entries by username or name. This enables viewing audit log entries generated for a particular user.

  9. Organization Management Supports Org-Level Media Player Brand Selection
    Administrators can now select a Media Player branding scheme for a particular hierarchical organization level. This released also included 15+ smaller fixes and improvements to the Organization Management feature.