Enterprise Video Platform – Mid-Cycle Update RC20201113 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed a mid-cycle update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. This release is focused on increased scalability and performance as we look to 2021 with the need to even further scale-up infrastructure.

  1. Improved Cloud-Side Performance of Device Monitoring within Admin Panel and Visual Analytics Suite

    With the increased load came a more definitive need to further optimize the Devices tab within the Admin Panel, as well as the Visual Analytics suite.

  2. Deployed Infrastructure to Move Static Asset Delivery to the Global Content Delivery Networks (Will Be Enabled Iteratively Within Video Platform Instances)

    To improve global performance of Video Platform static asset resource loading (images, CSS files, etc.), this has been moved off our AWS-side infrastructure and now will load via the Content Delivery Networks. This will reduce page load times, as well as reduce sever load. This functionality will be deployed iteratively through Q4 to customer instances.

  3. Resolved Rare Issues Which Could Stall Loading of Notifications Panel within the Admin Panel

    Deployed improvements to the Notifications tab that resolved rare issues which could cause the Notifications data to stall when being loaded.

  4. Added API for Hardware Hubs to Be Remotely Auto Started

    The original API call did not adequately address auto-starts to devices without Profile IDs. Now, an API is available to auto-start 2U and 1U Hardware Hubs.