Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20200724 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

  1. Audit Log Subscriptions with Subscription Management Capabilities
    Administrators can now create email subscriptions to specific Audit Log events. These events are sent in real-time to the specific users or email aliases. This enables scenarios such as a Device Sub-Administrator setting up subscriptions to be informed of all Device-level alerts for low-audio and auto-scheduling error.

  2. Additional Auto-Captioning Languages
    The Video Platform now supports Automatic Captioning (ASR) in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Turkish, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

  3. Improvements to Zoom Enterprise Connector
    The Zoom Connector now permits ingestion of password-protected and host-only content. Additionally, organizations with multiple Video Platform instances can now simultaneously integrate the same Zoom enterprise account into multiple Video Platform instances.
  4. Improved Localization of Date and Time Formats
    The Video Platform’s Branding tab now supports the ability to use either a Day/Month/Year or Year/Month/Day format.

  5. Canvas Native Integration for Non-LTI Automatic Course Provisioning, User Creation, and Roster Sync
    Complementing the IMS-certified LTI integration, the Video Platform now offers native Canvas synchronization. This native API-level capability pre-populates the Video Platform with LMS-side entities without the need for an LTI launch event. The course, user and roster entities are then continually updated to match their corresponding Canvas-side entity. For information on this capability, visit the YuJa Knowledgebase Article.
  6. Smaller Media Now Uploads Via Multi-Part Upload
    Multi-part Upload was originally implemented for larger (500MB+) content. Now the robustness of this implementation, including the ability to permit uploads to withstand intermittent or temporary Internet connection interruptions, is now available for smaller media files.
  7. YuJa Pro Captioning Now Supports Spanish Human Captioning
    Organizations using the YuJa Pro Captioning can now human-caption their content in Spanish.
  8. Improved Performance of Media Player When Large Number of Video Embeds
    The load-time and performance requirements of the Media Player has been improved to better support situations where a large number of videos are embedded into a single LMS or webpage.
  9. Improved Video Editor’s Video Insertion
    Improved robustness of video insertion into an existing video in situations where: 1) the video being inserted is a silent video or, 2) the slide or image is being inserted at the last second of the video.
  10. Ability to Automatically Perform Auto-Captioning (ASR) Directly into Preferred Language
    For organizations that would like to perform ASR in a non-English language by default, the Video Platform now provides the ability to specify their preferred default.