Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20200904 Released to EU Zone

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the European Union. Next week, we will perform the same update to our United States and Canadian-based zones.

  1. Advanced Adaptive Live Streaming for Hardware Hubs
    Hardware Hub-originating live streams can now take advantage of newly deployed elastic-scaling infrastructure that provides an adaptive bitrate live streaming experience. The resolution levels offered include: 240p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p with the default option being a network-sensing Auto setting.

    Organizations can request a firmware update to their Hardware Hubs to take advantage of this new capability. Please note that similar capabilities on the RTMP-based stream ingestion and the Apple and PC-based Software Capture application’s live streaming facilities are on the near-term roadmap.

  2. New Video Quiz Gamification Capabilities to Create Advanced Tours (Beta)
    Video Quiz Creators can create Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type video quizzes with a video asset. A new Decision Point question type has been introduced that provides the ability to customize the linear progression of a video-based quiz based on the response to a proposed Decision Point. This enables an interactive user experience where video content can be sequenced in a non-linear fashion based on interactive input. This Beta feature will be further enhanced based on its assigned roadmap, as well as user feedback on future capabilities.
  3. Deeper Audit Logs for Video Quizzes
    To provide better insight for instructors and Administrators, the Video Platform now provides deeper audit logs of quiz events including: deleting, editing, publishing, quiz attempts, and dozens more.

  4. Improvements to Gradebook Sync Integration
    Based on customer feedback, the Video Platform has incorporated a number of improvements to its LMS Gradebook synchronization including improved error handling, retry logic and more.
  5. Resolution of a Number of Media Download Edge Cases
    The Video Platform has incorporated 10+ fixes for “edge cases” related to downloading both transmuxed and original video content.
  6. Improvements to Canvas Native API Integration Module
    In the last release, the Video Platform added a new native Canvas API-based integration that complemented the standard IMS-based LTI integration already provided. This release, the Video Platform added improved API integration including better handling of API rate limiting during large volume synchronization, support for course copy scenarios, support for Canvas API Scoping, and better support for situations where multiple identical course codes exist for active courses.
  7. New Security Pin Requirement for More Secure Phone-Based Support
    To ensure that YuJa’s total-user-support provides industry-leading product support in a secure and compliant manner, YuJa Product Support is introducing a new Security Pin requirement that users are required to provide to receive non-general (account specific) product support.

  8. Improved Video Editor Experience with More Responsive Design
    The Video Editor now offers an even more flexible and responsive design which fits better within smaller laptop screens. With this update, several fixes to caption and transcription editing issues have also been included.
  9. Added Profanity Filter Option for the Recently Released Auto-Caption Engine
    The Profanity Filter capability is now available with the recently released auto-caption engine. Now both Caption Engines offer a Profanity Filter option.
  10. Devices Tab Now Provides Improved Schedule Management Tools
    A new Manage Schedules option within the Devices Tab provides the ability to view, filter and delete schedules on a per-device and all-devices basis.
  11. Progress on Initiative to Provide Full Localization Support (Starting with French)
    The Video Platform is undergoing an initiative to provide full localization support across all aspects of the product. We expect to have all web-based Video Platform screens full localized by mid-Fall with our initial support for French. This release includes translations for over 60% of the common Video Platform user interfaces including the Media Library, Media Player, and more.
  12. Support for Locked Student Video Submissions
    Instructors can now disallow the ability for student-submitted video assignments to be edited or deleted when submitted via an LMS Media Chooser.
  13. On-Demand LMS Gradebook Sync
    Complementing our automatic LMS Gradebook Sync, the Video Platform now offers an On-Demand LMS Gradebook Sync option which will perform a full re-synchronization of the YuJa Gradebook data for a given quiz to the corresponding LMS Gradebook.