Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20201023 Released to Canadian and European Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the European Union and Canada. Next week, we will perform the same update to our United States-based zones. This release was primarily focused on 250+ internal scalability improvements, performance of key functionality, as well as fixes and product improvements.

  1. Improved Performance of Zoom Ingestion

    The Video Platform sub-systems responsible for performing Zoom ingestion has been bolstered to provide even more robust and scalable ingestion of Zoom recordings. Many of these capabilities will complement a soon-to-be-released product called YuJa Himalayas for Digital Archiving and eDiscovery aimed at helping organization better manage the onslaught of digital media in a more compliant, scalable and cost-effective manner.

  2. Data Management Tool Provides Ability to Export Matching Results as a CSV Table

    To provide better capabilities to review and archive potential content, the Data Management tool within the Admin panel now provides the ability to export the matching results table.

  3. Faster Generation Speed for Embed Codes and Video Links for Longer Videos

    Though link generation speed is relatively fast, we recognize that some users need the links nearly instantaneously. Now, the links are available within seconds of the video being uploaded.

  4. Improved Performance of Audit Logs (Notifications Tab) Data Loads

    With even mid-sized organizations routinely seeing hundreds-of-thousands of audit log entries, the Video Platform now offer a more robust and performant Notifications tab.

  5. Improved Load Time of Visual Analytics and Admin Panel with Ultra-Large Data Sets

    Refinements to the load time of summary statistical information within both the Visual Analytics and Admin Panel have been made. These improvements are most noticeable for customers processing large volumes of video data.

  6. Improved Summary Cards for Institution Storage Boxes with New Third-Party Storage Type

    New Storage Type Summary Cards provides a summary of the key storage types including a new storage type: Third-Party Imports. This new type summarizes the quantity of content being stored that arrived via an automated ingestion from a third-party systems such as Zoom.

  7. Performance and Throughput Improvements to Canvas API Module

    The Canvas API Sync module has been improved to perform higher throughput Canvas data synchronization. Additional capabilities include:

    • Improved compatibility with Canvas API’s Enforce Scopes
    • Better integration with Canvas instances which do not perform archiving of historical course and user data
    • Faster data synchronization of new Canvas entity data

  8. Improved Video Quiz Gradebook Synchronization and Related Improvements

    Based on user feedback, the Video Platform now includes about 15+ fixes and improvements for better Gradebook synchronization and handling of edge-cases. We will continue to review user feedback to resolve additional concerns.