Enterprise Video Platform – Update RC20201211 Released to EU and CA Zone

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the European Union and Canada. Next week, we will perform the same update to our United States-based zones.

  1. Improved Browser Capture Studio with Screen Recording Capabilities
    The Browser Capture Studio now offers the ability to perform screen-recording alongside audio and video sources. To learn more about using the Browser Capture Studio, visit the YuJa Support article: https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046033333

  2. Improved Browser Capture User Experience Offers Direct Download Capabilities
    The Browser Capture Studio now offers the ability to download the raw Webm video that the browser recorded (before it’s sent up to the Video Platform for processing).

  3. New API for Bulk Deleting Device Schedules
    To enable third-party workflows on device schedule management, an API to purge all device schedules is now available. Visit the YuJa Support article for details: https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049580714
  4. Ability to Share Video Quizzes Editing Capabilities with Other Users (Beta)
    Content Owners can now share access to a Video Quiz to other editors. This heavily requested feature enables new collaboration workflows including the ability for Instructional Designers to pre-create quizzes on behalf of instructions and then share the resultant video and quiz. Through Q1 of 2021, we will continue to further refine this workflow.

  5. Ability to Insert a Video In-Situ into an Existing Multi-Source Recording without Overwriting Existing Timeline
    The Video Editor’s Insert Video capability now offers a “Current Time- Insert” (without Override) for multi-stream videos. This enhances the “Current-Time – Insert” that was previously only available for single-stream videos. Visit the YuJa Support article for details: https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051853393

  6. Better Highlighting of Active and Selected Video and Folders
    A smaller “fit-and-finish” improvement to My Media provides a better indicator of the active or selected media.

  7. Improved Media Details User Interface
    The Media Details interface offers a cleaner design with dozens of minor UI fixes and improvements.

  8. Refreshed IMS Re-certifications for all LTI Enterprise Connectors
    We finalized the annual re-certification and compliance of all our LTI-based Enterprise Connectors including our LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3, LTI Advantage, and IMS Caliper integrations with the IMS Global standards organization.
  9. Ability to Disable Auto-Captioning for Specific Zoom-Mapped Users
    As part of a staggered roll-out of 20+ features in Q1 of 2021 focused on new Zoom capabilities and improvements, today we added the ability to selectively enable auto-captioning for a specific user’s content ingestion. Visit the YuJa Support article for details: https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050861693

  10. New Notification When Human Captioning Requests Have Been Fulfilled
    A new Notification is now provided within both the Admin Panel’s Notification tab, as well as an email alert when a human caption request has been fulfilled.

  11. Improved Live Stream Player User Experience
    An improved Live Stream Player is now available that provides improved multi-source selection in instances with 3+ sources. In additional to other smaller improvements and refreshed icons, the Live Stream Player also aligns to the branding styles defined for the On-Demand Media Player (for both the Overlay and Fixed Bar style).

  12. Improved Device Schedule Management with Additional Capabilities to Select All, Select Partial and Clear All
    The Device Schedule Management tab now offer some bulk schedule management capabilities to select all, select partial and clear selected. Visit the YuJa Support article for details: https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048682194

  13. Improved Audio Waveform Generation to Reduce Visual Skewing When Using Browser and Screen Level Magnification
    In instances where a current browser or screen-level magnification exists on the user’s computer, the improved waveform rendering of the audio waveform, reduced instances where it appears unsynchronized with the absolute time-codes.

  14. Improved UI Responsiveness of Notification Tab’s Filtering for Narrow Viewports (Such as LMS Windows)
    The Admin Panel’s Notification tab now offers improved UI responsiveness in narrow viewports such as within LMS Windows. Visit the YuJa Support article for details: https://support.yuja.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050322154
  15. Downloading Media for Offline Use Now Routes through the Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    To improve both the speed of offline downloading, as well as compatibility with anti-virus software, content being downloaded for offline use will now route through the same Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure used to perform live and on-demand video streaming.