Hardware Hub 1U and 2U Firmware Available

A new Hardware Hub maintenance release is now available that provides the following improvements:

    • #171733025 – Resolved rare issue which could cause a portion of the video to record but not be playable with the audio.
    • #159841557 – Upgraded firmware to be more efficiently execute on a Windows 10 operating system base configuration.
    • #173822351 – Resolved issue which could cause the live stream to remain disconnected after a Hub disconnects and reconnects from the Internet.
    • #173823798 – Introduced new 2U and 1U BIOS process when the unit loses power to return to a Connected state instead of requiring a power-cycle.
    • #174050106 – Resolved rare issue where a multi-part video could fail to upload all parts.
    • #173970211 – Resolved issue of a un-closed file handler which could occur during a live stream with an inline audio device.