Hardware Hub Firmware – Update v6.50 Now Available

We have a new firmware available for Hardware Hubs. If you are interested in updating to the latest firmware, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager. This firmware is a maintenance release that also adds the ability to record HDCP signal devices such as MacBook inputs, improved robustness of livestreams, and 20+ smaller improvements. Please note that the firmware is available upon request.

  1. HDCP Signal Recording and Livestream Support
    This update now allows Hardware Hubs to support recording and livestreams from MacBook and other HDCP signal devices.
    Hardware Hub Firmware – Update v6.50 Now Available
  2. Show IP Address for the Hub on the Session Page
    Administrators can now easily locate the IP Address for their Hub on the Hardware Hub Settings panel.
    Hardware Hub Firmware – Update v6.50 Now Available
  3. Increased Robustness if the Hardware Hub Powers off or Terminates Abnormally
    This update provides added robustness if your Hardware Hub abnormally powers off during a live stream or recording session.
  4. Service to Support Hub Watchdog Hardware
    In the rare case you find your Hardware Hub in an error state, this update now supports new 24/7 physical “Watchdog Hardware”, which will assist in automatically rebooting the Hub without intervention.