Semi-Monthly Scheduled Release Successfully Deployed

We have successfully pushed an update to all zones. This release includes:

  1. New YuJa Software Station for PC binaries which includes:
    • Improved MPEG restoration capabilities in instances where capture-only sessions are terminated abruptly (forgetting to press Stop, premature machine termination, abrupt logout)
    • “Robustification” of PC-based software capture automation
    • New capabilities within Watch Point ingestion, namely ability to select a Publish location and Owner
    • A dozen or so smaller bug fixes and UI improvements

    Note: We will be performing one additional PC Software Capture application update within the next month as we roll-out fully HTML5-based live-streaming capabilities across all capture platforms, including the ability to “pause and resume” Live Streams. We have already rolled out HTML5-based live streaming to some zones and are pleased with the response. We will continue to broaden this in the next release. RTMP-based Adobe Flash streaming will continue to be officially supported by YuJa Product Support for approximately 60 days after our HTML5-based Live Streaming enters general availability.

  2. We also did a very minor binary improvement to the YuJa Software Station for Apple binary in all zones that resolves a few relatively rare issues.
  3. Media Channels offer Sub-Channel capabilities within course-linked Media Channels with separate permission capabilities. The primary use-case is the ability to create sub-channels within a course for student submissions, and better organization with large numbers of media assets aligned to a given course.
  4. General improvements to the Software Capture suite’s Auto-Scheduling capabilities in edge-case scenarios including when the remote machine is switched off, turned on late, turned off early/abnormally, etc. We will continue to analyze aggregate log data to identify mechanisms to improve Auto-Scheduling capabilities even further.
  5. Improvements to the Accessibility Dashboard including the ability to create a downloadable report of all media that matches specific criteria such as missing copyrights, missing captions, missing audio descriptions, etc.

In addition to the above items, we also added about 62 smaller features and improvements. Looking ahead to our November releases, we will be introducing a fully HTML5 Live Stream player, customized Metadata Schema Management tools, new standardized and fully automated caption integrations with Rev and CaptionSync, configurable Transcoding Profiles, and much more.