Semi-Monthly Scheduled Release Successfully Deployed

We have successfully pushed an update to all zones. This release includes:

  1. Introduction of “One-Click Drag-and-Drop” which enables users to drag content right onto the Media Library window pane for uploading and inclusion within their Personal Library.
  2. Migration to general availability in all physical zones of Custom Metadata Schema which enables institutions to define customized – and optionally mandatory – metadata fields for media. This offers improved metadata-based organization and metadata search. To ensure a successful incorporation of these capabilities, we will not be enforcing the Required Flag for metadata schema rules while institutions learn about these capabilities. Enforcement of the Required Flag will happen in a subsequent release.
  3. Improved integration with Rev, AST CaptionSync and 3Play Media for submitting human captions. We have had conversations with all our human captioning vendors to improve their error reporting in instances where captioning isn’t possible (low audio levels, zero audio levels, etc.) and, based on this, will be deepening the integration further in an upcoming, near-term release.
  4. Updates to the iOS mobile apps to match the Android app’s ability to upload pictures and videos already present on the device.

We also added about 50+ minor improvements and fixes including: a minor update to the Apple Capture application related to improvements in device compatibility, media library permission and usability fixes, HTML5 Media Player browser compatibility fixes, and more.

Looking ahead, we are putting the final touches on some improvements to our YuJa Cloud’s media processing pipeline (to be even faster, have more capacity, and fault tolerant), an improved YuJa Software Station for PC with more capabilities, and much more.