Semi-Monthly Scheduled Release Successfully Deployed

We have successfully pushed an update to all zones. This release includes:

  1. Updated Content Analytics – The new Contents tab replaces the previous Insights tab with a host of new video analytics data including session-level data, user-level data, viewer technology (browser, device), segment viewership, session dates, and raw download capabilities. As new views trigger, you’ll see this new data be collected and aggregated. We also resolved a few bugs with the content analytics at the same time.
  2. Additional Admin Overview Panel Data – A newly introduced Views Summary Card provides an at-a-glance indicator of the number of video views in the last 30 days in your zone. We also refined the styling of the panel itself to gear up for new data from other sub-systems. Our next release (scheduled for mid-January 2018) will add some additional Summary Cards for active & upcoming Live Streams and Video Classroom usage.
  3. Refinements to Media Library Action Menu UI – The Action menu now appears as a hover event with the most frequently accessed items displayed as top-level menu items. Previously a Gear icon had to be clicked on to access this Action menu.
  4. Early Preview of HTML5 Video Editing – We’ve added a very early user preview of our upcoming HTML5 Video Editor. We caution that this should not be used for significant production workflows, however with the foundational (backend) work laid, we wanted users to be able to get a feel for what this new workflow will eventually look like. Keep in mind that the UI is not finalized and the functionality is very limited. Much more will be rolling out in a series of off-cycle and on-cycle Editor-only updates through 2017 and Q1 of 2018.
  5. New Group Management APIs – We added some new Courses and Group administration APIs to improve course management for those organizations connecting the Platform directly to an Student Information System (SIS) data feed.
  6. Improvement to Live Streaming – Improved user notification of live stream pause event and end-of-stream event. Also refined player branding, and browser-level compatibility improvements (mostly with legacy Microsoft IE and some versions of Microsoft Edge).

Additionally, we will be releasing an update to the Software Capture for Apple in the next 1-2 week that mirrors the popular look-and-feel of the PC Capture application’s confidence monitor UI, introduces the slider-style source toggling, and eliminates the requirement to create an initial profile to commence a capture. Through Q1 of 2018, the Apple Capture application will continue to introduce a number of features found on the PC Capture in a series of successive updates.

A total of 62 features, improvements, and fixes were released within this update. If you have questions on anything with this release, please do not hesitate to email