Software Capture for Apple (v4.1.1) – Update Released to All Zones

A new version of the Software Capture for Apple version (version v4.1.1) has been released to all instances located in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

  1. Brand New, Faster and More Efficient Capture Engine
    This version introduces a brand-new Capture Engine that provides improved stream synchronization on Retina displays, better memory and CPU efficiency, and a snappier user experience. This engine also provides improved device compatibility with external peripherals (example: Yeti Professional Microphone).
  2. Support for Recording Internal System Audio
    Content Creators can record the system internal audio as a secondary audio source alongside the primary microphone source. This can be used to record the sound of a video being played back during an active recording.

  3. Improved Compatibility When System Language is Simplified Chinese
    Resolved minor incompatibilities with the application when launched when Apple’s System Language is Simplified Chinese.
  4. Support for Recording with Apple Airpods
    Alongside the new Capture Engine is support for using Apple Airpods to perform recording.
  5. New Apple Capture Audit Logging Capabilities
    To provide Administrators with better visibility in remote user actions and system activity, the Apple Capture now provides audit logging capabilities for specific actions. Over the coming releases, additional events will be added to the Apple audit logging capabilities.

  6. New Permission Management Panel
    In many cases, Apple OS’s default permission settings for applications is to deny Camera, Microphone and Screen Recording access. On start-up, the new Permission Management Panel provides a clear indication of available permissions and the ability to directly open the Apple OS Security & Privacy tools needed to enable the required permission.