Software Capture for Apple Version 3.0.1 Released to US Zone

We have released a new Software Capture for Apple version (3.0.1) that focuses on an improved user experience, automatic framerate optimization, automatic firewall traversal capabilities, and video test proctoring capabilities (for those organizations with this SKU enabled). Please note that this release has been pushed out to all instances within the United States zone. It will be pushed out to Canadian and European Union instances next week. To take advantage of these new capabilities, please update the installed application.

  1. Refreshed Desktop Application User Interface
    This version includes a refreshed experience with more clear Action Buttons for Start, Stop, Pause and Cancel. We also added a more modern translucent background to partially see what’s behind the desktop recording application and more clear iconography.
  2. Video Test Proctoring Available for Apple
    The video test proctoring capabilities introduced for PC platforms is now available on Apple computers. For those organizations with this SKU enabled, this workflow enables users to initiate controlled recordings during active test taking, accept configurable Terms and Conditions, capture appropriate imagery of government-issued photo ID, and record multi-sources during online test activity. We offer options for both live and non-live test proctoring.
  3. Auto-Scaling Frame Rate Level Based on Performance
    Based on the available CPU and resources of the computer, the framerate default settings will be automatically established. This can be adjusted and in the event it exceeds the recommended setting, a message will be provided to the user.
  4. Improved Firewall Traversal
    Transition of outbound port access to Port 443 to be more compatible with an organization’s existing firewall configuration. With more stringent firewalls, this capability will reduce the likelihood the Platform’s use will require a firewall change.
  5. Default Location for Recorded Media Changed to My Media Top-Level Folder
    Changed the default location where captures go to the top-level Media Collection rather than the Default Collection. This change was made so that novice users who record will see their recording available immediately after clicking on My Media, rather than having to go into the Default Collection sub-folder.

This release also resolves about 25+ issues including resolution of an issue that would prevent the Mouse Cursor being recorded as part of the screen capture.