Software Capture for PC – Update Released to US, CAN, and EU Zones

We have successfully pushed an update for Software Capture for PC binary to all instances residing in the US, Canada, and the European Union focused on improved performance and stability across a broad set of new and legacy computer architectures. This update also includes new shape tools for the Annotation toolbar, automatic uploads for failed recordings, low-resolution warnings when trying to generate automatic indexes, reduced load times, and several optimizations and 75+ bug fixes and improvements that include issues identified in the field.

  1. New Shape Tool Available for the Annotation Toolbar
    Adding to the Annotation Toolbar, instructors will be able to utilize a variety of shape tools to enhance their live streams and recordings. To learn how to enable and use the Annotation Toolbar, please visit our guide on Using the Annotation Toolbar.
    Software Capture for PC – Update Released to US, CAN, and EU Zones
  2. Automatic Uploads to My Media for Failed Recordings
    The YuJa Software Capture application will now automatically recover and upload failed recordings. Content creators can access and play their recovered recordings from their My Media folder.
  3. Low-Resolution Warning for Automatic Index Generation
    To provide instructors with assurance for their automatic index creation, we now provide a warning message for low-resolution captures. For more accurate indexing, users will need to switch to a higher resolution.
    Software Capture for PC – Update Released to US, CAN, and EU Zones
  4. Reduced Load Times for the YuJa Software Capture Application
    In an effort to make navigating through the Software Capture application a seamless experience, we have significantly reduced load times for opening YSC settings and switching between recording devices. 
  5. Bug Fixes and Optimizations
    We have optimized the performance of the YuJa Software Capture application and made several bug fixes to improve the user experience. Highlighting some of these optimizations and fixes are:

    • YSC will no longer need to restart for system-wide settings to take effect.
    • YSC can now auto-launch from any installed location.
    • Fixed issues related to automated sessions not starting.
    • YSC will automatically disable inaccessible/in-use devices for automated sessions.