Software Capture for PC – Update v12.0.0.0 Released to CAN, AU, and EU Zones

We have successfully pushed an update for Software Capture for PC binary to all instances residing in the Canada, Australia, and the European Union (the US zone update will happen next Friday). This update provides our users with the new Microsoft Media Foundation engine, improved compatibility for DirectShow capture cards, improved workflow for profile creation, new architecture for Remote Profile Management, horizontal and vertical orientation for cameras, updating the engine for proctoring, the ability to publish recordings into multiple channels, audio gain adjustments, and other optimizations.

  1. New Microsoft DirectShow Engine Bridge for Enhanced Device Compatibility
    In a previous release, we introduced a Microsoft Media Foundation-based Capture Engine, which takes advantage of advanced GPUs and instruction sets. In this release, we are introducing a DirectShow Capture Engine Bridge, which interconnects with the existing capabilities of Media Foundation, as well as enhancing compatibility with older devices that only have DirectShow device drivers.

    Our field analysis over the last 12 months indicates that the vast majority of issues with the Software Capture stem from device driver incompatibilities related to DirectShow. We encourage you to test your devices with the latest Software Capture and provide us with any feedback for use in subsequent enhancements and patches.
    Software Capture for PC – Update v12.0.0.0 Released to CAN, AU, and EU Zones
  2. Improved Compatibility for Capture Cards
    Users who were experiencing issues with certain capture cards (e.g., Magewell, Matrox, etc.), can now switch to the Microsoft DirectShow engine within their configuration settings, for enhanced compatibility.
  3. Enhanced Workflow for Profile Creation
    Profiles can be created and edited without closing the Confidence Monitor. Additionally, users will be pleased to know that a restart of the Software Capture application will no longer be required for profile changes to take effect.
  4. New Architecture for Remote Profile Management
    We have redesigned the underlying architecture of Remote Profile Management for the Software Capture application as a part of our ongoing efforts to provide a more reliable experience to our users. In doing so, we have expanded the remote profile management, which was introduced in the previous release, to include most of the features that would otherwise only be configurable directly from the Software Capture application.
  5. Horizontal and Vertical Orientation for Webcams
    By enabling the new Microsoft Media Foundation engine within Configuration settings, users will be able to adjust the horizontal and vertical orientations for their webcams. Software Capture for PC – Update v12.0.0.0 Released to CAN, AU, and EU Zones
  6. New Recording Engine for Proctoring
    Our proctoring users will be pleased to know that we have implemented the new Microsoft Media Foundation engine, introduced in this release, to our Software Capture proctoring experience. Not only will this allow users to view higher-quality playbacks, but it will also address many issues which resulted in crash reports.Software Capture for PC – Update v12.0.0.0 Released to CAN, AU, and EU Zones
  7. Publish Recordings into Multiple Channels
    Content Creators may now publish recordings to multiple channels simultaneously by taking advantage of our new tree-structured layout. Use the search filter feature to navigate through an organized list of channels and subchannels and select as many locations as desired to add to the publication list. With no limits on how many locations can be selected, Content Creators will be able to reach all desired audiences easily.
    Software Capture for PC – Update v12.0.0.0 Released to CAN, AU, and EU Zones
  8. Adjust Audio Gain from the Software Capture Application
    We have provided users the ability to adjust the gain of their microphone from within the Software Capture application.
    Software Capture for PC – Update v12.0.0.0 Released to CAN, AU, and EU Zones
  9. Optimization and Bug Fixes
    We have optimized the performance of the YuJa Software Capture application and made several bug fixes to improve the user experience. Highlighting some of these optimizations and fixes are:

    • The Software Capture application will provide feedback when audio and video sources do not match the selected profile’s settings. 
    • Computers will no longer enter sleep mode during a recording.
    • Resolved multiple stability issues for the PowerPoint Add-in.