Software Capture for PC – Update v12.1.0.0 Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all Software Capture for PC instances residing in the US, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. This update includes migrating to a 64-bit architecture to improve performance, the ability to customize additional default configurations when installing and registering the Software Capture application, and improvements to the overall application based on field data.

  1. Upgrade to a 64-Bit Architecture and 50%+ Improvement in Memory Footprint

    Migrating to the 64-bit architecture has significantly improved the performance of the Software Capture application by allowing it to take advantage of the larger memory space available in compatible systems. As a result, the Software Capture application will be able to allocate the appropriate memory resources for the workload and, as a result, will use memory resources approximately 50-60% more efficiently, as well as complete tasks much faster than previous versions.

    In practical terms, the Software Capture application can now address bottleneck issues that resulted in devices such as webcams disconnecting, or crashes due to a lack of memory resources. With the improved architecture, the application can take full advantage of any allocated memory, allowing for better scaling when handling high-intensity scenarios (such as multiple 4k cameras at high framerates).
    Software Capture for PC – Update v12.1.0.0 Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

  2. Improved Fleet Management Capabilities Related to Improved Remote Configuration Deployment Deploy Capabilities
    As part of our strategic plan to enhance large-scale remote deployments of the Software Capture application, Administrators can remotely set and override many configurations and settings. By deploying a configuration file to devices, admins can simultaneously set standard customized settings across hundreds of devices. Some of these adjustments include the following:

    • Default Media Capture Engine
    • Language Override settings
    • Webcam and Screen Capture settings
    • System settings, including the use of alternate rendering modes

    To learn how to download, edit, and deploy the configuration file for your institution, please refer to our guide on Auto-Registering and Configuring the Software Capture Application for PC.
    Software Capture for PC – Update v12.1.0.0 Released to US, CAN, AU, and EU Zones

  3. Resolved Stability and Field Issues
    We have resolved the a number of smaller issues to enable an enhanced user experience:

    • Resolved an issue that prevented users from utilizing Watchpoint folders to publish recordings to their selected channels.
    • Resolved an issue that only allowed users to select channels from the Internal Library. With this resolved, users will be able to select any channel to publish recordings in.