Software Capture for PC (v10.10.0) Released to All Geographic Zones

We have released a new Software Capture for PC version (version v10.10.0) to all instances located in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

  1. New On-Screen Annotation Toolbar Available for Recorded and Live Events
    A new Annotation Toolbar is now integrated into the Software Capture application. This Annotation Toolbar provides the ability to perform time-synchronized on-screen annotations, highlights, and freehand sketches in both recorded and live streamed scenarios.
  2. Ability to Edit Out the Recording Toolbar to Make It Disappear Within the Final Video
    A pair of features with the Software Capture for PC application in conjunction with the Video Editor now provides the ability to make the Recording Toolbar disappear from the screen it was recorded on.
  3. Enhanced IP Camera Support by Adding NDI Protocol Support
    The application’s IP camera support now is compatible with NDI compliant cameras. To learn more, visit the YuJa KB article:
  4. “New Version” Notification and the Ability to Update the Application Directly within the Application
    The Software Capture application now provides an indicator when a new version is available. Additionally, integrated into the application is an installer that will download and install the latest version.
  5. Streamlined Organization Search and Login Workflow
    The sign-in process has been streamlined with improved Organization search, a facility to auto-detect and pre-configure the user’s organization, and pre-selection of the Single Sign On login method.
  6. Improved Low Storage Space Indicator and Warning Messaging
    In instances where the computer may be low on storage space, an indicator will be provided to the user as well as warning notifications.
  7. Improved Compatibility with SonicWall VPN, Kaspersky and Other Third-Party Applications
    The COVID-19 situation precipitates a need to improve compatibility with a new host of applications including VPNs and anti-virus software. Based on customer feedback, we have reviewed and collaborated with a host of third-party vendors to improve compatibility.
  8. Improved Framerate and Resolution compatibility with Logitech Cameras
    The Software Capture application now offers improved capability with several popular Logitech cameras including C920, C930e and VD0360 models.
  9. Detection of Anti-Virus Quarantine Scenarios
    In situations where a third-party anti-virus software quarantines a component of the YuJa Software Capture for PC, a message will appear indicating that the Software Capture application may not be able to perform in a normal fashion.