Software Capture for PC (v10.5.1) Released to United States, Canadian and European Union Zones

We have successfully published a new version of the YuJa Software Capture for PC application to all geographic zones.

  1. New Configurable Recording Toolbar with Built-in Audio Confidence Monitor
    A new Recording Toolbar is available that provides a built-in audio confidence monitor with the ability to configure how the toolbar appears including the option to always show the Recording Toolbar while logged in.

  2. Ability to Adjust, Move, and Stretch the Screen Capture Region Once Selected
    The customized screen region now has adjustable edges with a clear size indicator within the window.

  3. More Attractive 3, 2, 1 Countdown
    Improved the optional 3, 2, 1 countdown to be more modern and attractive.
  4. Improved Fault Tolerance and Indicator when a Source Fails Mid-Recording
    If a source disconnects mid-recording, the recording will now display an indicator on the Confidence Monitor and continue with the remaining sources.

  5. Improved Quick Installer Robustness with Improve Diagnostic of Missing .NET Components
    The Quick installer now provides prescriptive guidance when the .NET Framework is not fully installed.

  6. Smaller Improvements
    • #169899798 – PC Capture – Resolved issue where the Shared Profile saved in a previously installed Software Capture did not appear in a newly installed Software Capture application.
    • #170628100 – PC Capture – Resolved issue where the timestamps for internal audio recordings were could be incorrect in some cases.
    • #153562174 – PC Capture – Added a clearer highlight selected for the selected folder.
    • #158150658 – PC Capture – Disallow creation of empty profiles that do not have audio, video or screen sources.
    • #170658249 – PC Capture – Resolved issue with IP camera connectivity that could cause the Software Capture application to crash.
    • #170404097 – PC Capture – Resolved issue where clicking on Delete after a session ends due to an abnormal session termination does not delete the recording file.
    • #170659006 – PC Capture – Resolved issue where a user is able to execute the Quick Installer multiple times by clicking and installing the downloadable file over and over again.
    • #157519432 – PC Capture – Ability to expand the Media Channel window to be able to better view long Media Channel names (typically originating from long LMS course strings).
    • #167896950 – PC Capture – Improved accessibility of Software Capture user interface with additional screenreader-readable hover text added to all buttons.
    • #154973664 – PC Capture – Recording Toolbar enables user to have a docked toolbar with recording capabilities when logged in.