Software Capture for PC Version 10.3.0 Released to US Zone

We have released a new Software Capture for PC version (10.3.0) that introduces a one-click install-to-launch capability, internal audio recording and ability to record from IP-based wireless cameras.

  1. New Express Click-Install-Launch
    The latest Software Capture accessible from the Create Recording dialog can perform a one-click installation-to-launch process. Once the user has selected the installer to launch, it will quickly install, configure and launch the Software Capture in a ready-to-record state. In our focus groups, this experience greatly simplified the first-time user experience. We will be launching a similar experience for Apple users in early January.
  2. Integrated Capability to Record Internal Computer Audio via a Single Toggle
    Content Creators can now opt to record the internal system audio directly via the Software Capture’s main Confidence Monitor interface.
  3. Integrated Support for IP / Wireless Cameras
    Organizations deploying IP cameras with RTSP capabilities can now directly integrate these cameras with the Software Capture application.
  4. Automatic Firewall Rule Inclusion Where Applicable
    In instances where a firewall rule is required to enable audio and video preview, this is now automatically performed on the user’s behalf during the installation process.
  5. Performance Improvements When Recording a High-Resolution Video Source at High Framerates
    Originally intended to support higher-resolution Logitech cameras, this performance improvement is also applicable more broadly to all USB-based video sources.
  6. Improved the Fault Tolerance of the Photo ID Capture During Intermittent Bandwidth Scenarios
    The Photo ID capture process is now more resilient in situations of weak or intermittent Internet situations.
  7. Full Installers Available for Download within My Account
    To provide access to the regular (full) installer files, a new Downloads tab is available within the My Account section.