Software Capture for PC Version 9.1.0 Released to US, Canada and European Union Zones

We have released a new Software Capture for PC version (9.1.0) that introduces the SmartUpload algorithm for recording uploads, improved error alerts for remotely scheduled captures and 15+ smaller improvements and fixes. Please note that this release has been pushed out to all instances within the United States, Canada and European Union zone.

  1. New Software Capture Confidence Monitor User Interface
    Matching the recently released user interface on Apple, the PC-based Capture application now has a similar look-and-feel with larger Action Buttons for key actions.
  2. SmartUpload Capability Introduced for PC
    Implemented SmartUpload algorithm that is able to perform better on low-bandwidth, rural and high-latency connections. This should reduce situations where weak or intermittent connections result in slow uploads due to frequent disconnections.
  3. Default Location for Recorded Media Changed to My Media Top-Level Folder
    Changed the default location where captures go to the top-level Media Collection rather than the Default Collection. This change was made so that novice users who record will see their recording available immediately after clicking on My Media, rather than having to go into the Default Collection sub-folder.
  4. Highlights of Smaller Fixes and Improvements
    In addition to the new features, this release also includes about a dozen smaller fixes and product improvements. Highlights include:
    • #164422008 – More consistent behavior between PC and Appl for reporting errors when attempting capture application is logged out
    • #167544937 – Resolved issue where the incorrect hover text was displayed for the New Shared Profile button.
    • #164422000 – Added ability to establish a default retention period for Raw video source recordings.
    • #155787342 – Updated the UI message shown after a recording is completed to clarify where to find the recording.
    • #167944814 – Transitioned some outdated references to YuJa Software Station to the revised product SKU of YuJa Software Capture
    • #168444677 – Resolved issue where two identical webcams of the same make and model could not always be simultaneously used for a recording.
    • #168906166 – Reduced the file size of the raw audit log information used for troubleshoot or debug purposes.
    • #154578548 – Resolved issue which could result in multiple YuJa taskbar icons showing up in the Windows Notification Tray.