United States Zones – Semi-Monthly Scheduled Release Successfully Deployed

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. This product release includes:

  1. New Admin Panel Overview Cards – We continue to add new administrative and system alerts to the Admin Panel’s Overview tab. We also added new Overview Cards on Views, Live Stream and Video Classroom activity.
  2. New Artificial Intelligence Captioning Engine – This new engine is faster and more accurate. With this new engine, during the course of 2018 we will be adding new functionality capabilities. One of those, we included with this release: the ability to automatically redact profanity in captions and transcripts.
  3. Improvements to HTML5 Video Editor – As we continue to transition away from our legacy Flash-based Video Editor, we have improved the overall fit of the HTML5 Video Editor including operation within LMS platforms. In our subsequent release, we will be adding improved timeline navigation and zoom capabilities. Our current target is full migration of all capabilities during this quarter and we are currently on-target.
  4. Improvement to Network Sensing Algorithm in Media Player – Our original network quality sensing algorithm that detected which bitrate to use was overly pessimistic on initial load when streaming on broadband networks. The new algorithm now makes a more intelligent decision resulting in a better quality initial streaming experience.
  5. Improved Server-Side Logging of RESTFul API Calls – For institutions developing custom applications with our RESTFul API, YuJa’s Professional Services team now has enhanced internal logging capabilities to assist customers with any debugging or assistance that their agreement with us includes.

A total of 41 features, improvements, and fixes were released within this update. If you have questions on anything with this release, please do not hesitate to email support@yuja.com.