United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20180413 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian zones next week. This release includes over 90+ new features and improvements including:

  1. Improved HTML5 Video Editor – Migrated the caption editing and index editing into the HTML5 video editor tool. We also implemented a synchronized scrubber bar with zoom capabilities. In this release, we also added the ability to edit captions inline underneath the video feeds to provide an easier caption editing experience.
  2. General Availability of External RTMP Ingestion – We now offer organizations the ability to use their existing tri-caster or RTMP-based streaming software to live stream at scale. This allows organizations to use their existing hardware and software encoders with our cloud-hosted live streaming infrastructure to create embedded live stream players for events and graduations. This capability was originally available to a limited set of zones, however it is now offered to all organizations.
  3. Aesthetic Improvements to Media Player – We improved some of the graphics and play-pause transition changes to the Media Player.
  4. HTML5 Video Conferencing (alpha) – We implemented and migrated the group chat capabilities, UI improvements, and smaller improvements to meeting recording capabilities. We expect to exit alpha in the next month-or-so with a limited set of functionality.

In the next release, we anticipate migrating over more of the Flash-based video editor’s capability to the newer HTML5 editor, improved Media Details panel, and more.