United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20180601 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian zones next week. This release includes over 70+ new features and improvements including:

  1. General Availability of the Zoom Connector – We’ve moved over the Zoom Connector to General Availability. Though this will be an optional add-on depending on your licensing agreement, initially we’ve opened it up for general use. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing details.
    United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20180601 Released
  2. Automatic LMS Transition Module – To assist organizations who are transitioning LMS platforms, we have provided tools to transition YuJa LTI-linked users automatically between the two LMS products.
  3. Improved Accessibility of Media Sub-Channel – We improved the accessibility of the Media Channels, as well as resolved some issues with the new Sub-Channel style that affected certain courses in production.
  4. Improved End-User, Administrator and YuJa Staff Notifications on Transcode Failures – While rare occurrences in the first place, we have added appropriate tools for all user types – including YuJa Operations Staff – to be alerted about most types of media transcoding and transmuxing failures. Admins will see the filter-able in the Admin Panel alerts.
    United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20180601 Released
  5. Large Entity Performance Improvements – We improved both our front-end and back-end systems to better handle large volumes of media objects within a single folder, as well as, large number of folders within a parent folder.
  6. New HTML5 Video Conferencing Capabilities – We introduced a new HTML5 whiteboard foundational interface (still lots more work to do!), improved browser compatibility, better automatic audio/video detection, disconnection detection, as well as general bug fixes.
  7. Improved Tab-Level Accessibility of Admin Panel – As part of our initiative to improve the keyboard-only accessibility of our Platform, we have reviewed and improved the capabilities of the Admin Panel.

In the next release, look forward to improved SCORM 1.2 object compatibility and exportability, screensharing capabilities on the HTML5-based video conferencing, and more.