United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20181109 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian zones next week. This release includes over 125+ new features and improvements.

  1. An Even Easier-to-Use and More Modern Media Experience
    We’ve introduced a more unified and easier-to-use media experience that encompasses better media library navigation elements, clearer primary and secondary action menus, as well as a host of design-forward innovations that appeal to today’s video consumer (hover effects, modern status notifications and more).
  2. Media Channels Unified with the Central Media Library
    Media Channels now open directly within the Manage Media’s All Channels view. This provides a more cohesive experience and further simplifies how users navigate within the Platform. We also offer users the ability to toggle between optimized channel-style viewing and library-style editing experiences.
  3. New Drag-and-Drop Enabled Left Navigation Element for Faster Folder Transversal and Media Organization
    We added a new Left Navigation Bar that provides the ability to quickly navigate sub-folders, move content via drag-and-drop, and publish content to channels via drag-and-drop. We also refined Administrator-level workflows when navigating large volumes of folders and Media Collections.
  4. Integrated Video Analytics Directly within Video Details
    Content Owners will be able to view at-a-glance content analytics directly within the video’s Media Details popup. Users can also delve deeper into the video analytics by simply clicking the See More button.
  5. Refined Recording Workflow with Improved Notifications
    When launching the Software Capture desktop application using the Create Recording button, the UI is clearer and more informative when the software capture is actively launching. The inline pop-up will now automatically disappear after a few moments…one fewer user click.
  6. Improvements to HTML5 Video Conferencing to Scale to Higher Loads
    We added additional load monitoring and fault tolerance to the HTML5 Video Conferencing sub-system. This includes more robust video conferencing replay recording, resolution of a number of smaller issues that could cause a premature disconnection in rare situations and resolution of an issue which prevented users from inviting participants via email.
  7. Improved Audio-Only File Streaming Compatibility with Safari Web Browsers
    We improved some aspects of the encoding used to stream MP3 files on Safari web browsers while maintaining optimized audio streaming playback on other browsers. Along the same lines, we expanded our compatibility when encoding rare and older types of MOV file formats.
  8. 50+ Smaller Fixes and Improvements
    Additionally, we used this month-long update cycle to resolve over 50+ smaller issues and improvements which we will detail in the upcoming newsletter.

Next release, we’ll be introducing: 1) improved multi-source live stream synchronization for both hardware and software platforms; 2) the ability for individuals to have folder-level sharing via the Share action; 3) the ability to obtain a direct link to both channels and sub-folders within the Shared Folder hierarchy; 4) refinements to the video editing experience when performing granular trims and cuts.