United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20190322 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 120+ new features and improvements.

  1. Video Editor Supports Telestrations Diagraming Overlays
    Inspired by Sunday football, we incorporated freehand telestrations capabilities into the video editor. This features multi-color pen selection with the ability to annotate freehand on top of a video source. As we observe how users take advantage of this capability, we’ll continue to incorporate further capabilities.
  2. Media Chooser for Moodle Extension Now Supports Video Quiz Insertion and Multi-Column Gradebook Integration
    Similar to the Canvas, Blackboard and D2L Brightspace implementations introduced in the last few releases, we have rolled out Moodle support for Video Quiz insertion within the Media Chooser. This includes deeper native LMS-specific integration for Video Quizzes that expand upon the more limited LTI-based Gradebook integration (which we still support). The result is that users can create video quizzes, insert them virtually anywhere in the LMS and better track the results with multi-column gradebook integration.
  3. Video Quiz Insertion Improvements
    To ensure a video quiz can be used for multiple assessments simultaneously or sequentially – and at the same time export as multi-column gradebook for each course – we enhanced our native API integration for each of LMS. We also incorporated about a dozen smaller fixes and improvements including an improved overlay mode layout when viewing four-or-more response options.
  4. Improved 4k and 2k Video Support Processing Support
    As more organizations generate ultra resolution quality, we have added improved capabilities to manually adjust between various resolution types. Further, our transcoding and transmuxing sub-system will now more quickly process 2k and 4k content.
  5. Video Conferencing Improvements in Intermittent Bandwidth Scenarios
    We released and improved fault tolerance in intermittent bandwidth scenarios, as well as recovery mechanisms. We’re aiming to release Android (tablet and phone) browser support for video conferencing in the next major update.
  6. Video Quiz Overlay Style Now the Default for Tighter LMS Locations
    We now show the overlay style by default within the LMS, as well as incorporated a View External button. This button enables quiz-taker to view the video quiz in an external browser with the video and questions shown in a side-by-side layout. This serves the ability to show video quizzes in more confined spaces, while still providing the end-user with a variety of viewing options.