United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20190419 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 120+ new features and improvements.

  1. Improved In-Depth User-Level Analytics Within an Integrated View
    We introduced an improved user-level analytics view that shows Platform accesses, total play length, and usage summary for each video. The content can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet within this view.
  2. New Video Player Overlay Style Mirroring Popular Entertainment Video Streaming Platforms
    In addition to the Fixed Play Bar style, we are introducing a new Overlay Play Bar style that is activated on hover and displays the Play Bar controls against a translucent background. This mirrors popular video entertainment streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix that your users are familiar with.
  3. Improved Fault Tolerance of Live Stream Player in Intermittent Bandwidth Scenarios
    The Live Stream Player and related infrastructure will now perform better in low-bandwidth and intermittent-bandwidth scenarios. This includes auto-recovery logic if the connection degrades and then subsequently recovers.
  4. Storage Analytics View Loads Data Points More Quickly
    The Storage sub-panel within the Analytics’s Overview now loads 3x faster with an optimized algorithm for dataset retrieval.
  5. Media Ingested by Watch Point Now Performs HLS Transcoding
    The same HLS transcoding capabilities performed for all other media ingestion workflows is now also available for media uploaded via Watch Point.
  6. Multi-Level Captioning Workflows Now Integrated with Media Choosers
    In a previous release we introduced the ability to have multiple caption providers with different permission groups. This capability’s breadth has now been extended to the Media Chooser plugins.
  7. Multi-Select Roster Deletion Clean-up Workflow
    We improved a previously cumbersome workflow of bulk deletion of users with a new capability to bulk-select users, as well as bulk transfer those user’s assets to an Administrator’s account.
  8. Improved Organization of Accessibility Tab’s Status of External Captioning Table
    The external captioning table is now better organized chronologically with more clear column headers.
  9. Improved 21st Century Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) Support with Enhanced Customization of Closed Captioning Bar
    We now provide Administrators with the ability to customize the visual aesthetics of the Caption Bar including color, font size, font opacity, and background opacity. As well, we provide viewers the ability to adjust this, based on their personal preferences, right inside the Media Player.
  10. Ability to Add Closed Captioning Files to Videos Via Drag-and-Drop
    Within the Media Details panel, we now support the ability to ingest external caption files via drag-and-drop.
  11. New In-Video Commenting Style
    To better accommodate smaller screen-sizes – such as when a video is embedded directly into an LMS Assignment – we refined the Create Comment dialog into a more modern and compact widget that sits alongside the appropriate location on the video timeline.
  12. Beta Support for Video Conferencing on iOS and Android Devices
    Our beta Video Conferencing application now supports WebRTC-enabled mobile devices for both iOS and Android devices.
  13. Additional API-Level Support including Rate Limiting, Branding, and Replace Video
    Customers using our APIs can request the new capability set which includes additional video management facilities, as well as security improvements such as rate limiting.
  14. Delcom Button Color Customization
    Organizations using the Software Capture’s Delcom button integration can now customize which status colors should be used for each event.
  15. Infrastructural Aspects of End-User Audit Tracking
    We also wanted to provide a preview of some infrastructural aspect that are going into production throughout the quarter. This will give administrators a Birdseye View of the activities going on within their Platform instance. The core infrastructure for customer-visible audit tracking is now in place and we are now in the process of instrumenting all applications and devices accordingly. Below is an early preview of the functionality for a Software Capture recording.