United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20190517 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 110+ new features and improvements.

  1. Improved EnterpriseTube with Dynamic Video Masthead
    The EnterpriseTube has been upgraded with some new capabilities, as well as a visual refresh, which includes:

    • Dynamic Video Scroller – New dynamically scrolling video bar of Featured Videos which replaces the static image masthead.
    • New Branding Options – Added the ability to customize the font color in the Navigation Bar of the EnterpriseTube. We will be adding additional color customization options in the next release.
    • More Modern Iconography – As part of a visual refresh of many of the icon bars in the upcoming release, we added new icons for the Home, Library and Events tab.

  2. Improved Ability to Edit Existing Device Schedules
    We made the previously introduced Device Scheduling Editing capability more robust and have re-released it. The previous version of this had the possibility of losing a recurring schedule because it performed a full deletion and re-addition; this version truly edits the existing schedule.
  3. New Video Monitor for Exam Proctoring SKU Available
    We’re introducing a new SKU called Video Monitor for Exam Proctoring. Among other things, this workflow enables users to initiate controlled recordings during active test taking, accept configurable Terms and Conditions, capture appropriate imagery of government-issued photo ID, and record multi-sources during online test activity.
  4. Improved AI-based Whitespace Generation within the Transcript for Auto-Captioned Content
    We’ve incorporated a sub-module on top of our existing AI-based Captioning capabilities. This aims to provide more effective whitespace within both the viewable and downloadable Transcript. Please note this is not retroactive and will only affect newly auto-captioned content.
  5. Better Security Timeout Notification Inside LMS Windows
    Within an LMS, if the Platform’s security timeout occurs, a clearer UI notification shows up for the user. Previously it showed the Login screen which was confusing to users.
  6. New Custom Full URL Branding SKU
    We have standardized the Full URL Branding capability as an available Product SKU. This SKU enables organizations to deploy a fully custom URL for their platform instance. Previously, Professional Services offered this as a custom service.
  7. New Collapsible Media Sidebar within My Media
    To better accommodate narrower LMS windows, such as Canvas, we have introduced a feature for users to collapse the Media Side Bar into a narrower sidebar.
  8. Login Activity Available on Admin Panel’s Overview Feed
    Mirroring the RESTFul API for Login data, we incorporated this same capability in the Overview feed.
  9. Improved Device Management APIs
    Our RESTFul API SKU now includes improved capabilities to manage Devices including retrieving active schedules, establishing and deleting schedules, and making updates to specific device parameters.
  10. Ability to Set Automatic Play Flag into Direct Link and Embed Codes
    The Media Player now supports the ability to auto-play based on settings the following flag on or off: autostart=1