United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20190809 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all physical zones residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 160+ new features and improvements.

  1. New Visual Search Available to Upgrade Across All Instances
    All the sub-system infrastructure and related metadata upgrades to take advantage of the new Visual Search is available to organizations. Within the next 60 days, this will be turned on incrementally to all customer instances, however we will provide the opportunity for Administrators to request it be turned on within their instances. New capabilities of the new Visual Search include:

    • Ability to perform full media library searches across all videos within all metadata types including captions, optical character recognition (slides) and comments.
    • Capability to see all matches across the timeline of the video as clickable push-pins.
    • Play All Matches feature that generates a dynamic playlist of five-second snippits of all search matches.

    We will continue to refine and improve this capability over the coming months and value your feedback in improving the quality of the visual search across your production data workloads.

  2. Ability to Perform an OCR “Sweep” on Uploaded Media
    Content Owners uploading content can now trigger an OCR sweep of their uploaded media using the same OCR-generation algorithms that run when processing content captured via our capture tools. This ensures that uploaded content displaying significant textual content can take advantage of our Visual Search capabilities.
  3. Improved Zoom Connector Integration
    The Platform’s Zoom integration is being migrated from a traditional API integration into a Zoom Marketplace application. For organizations enabling this Product SKU within their Instance, this provides an easier installation process, as well as a more future-proofed integration via Zoom’s preferred integration method. To learn more, visit our Zoom integration steps available here.
  4. Sub-Channel Rosters Can Now Be a Subset of the Main Channel Roster
    To provide more flexible intra-course sharing of content, Media Sub-Channel rosters can now be a customizable subset of the full course roster of the main Media Channel. This enables new scenarios such as, among other things, providing specific accessibility accommodations to subsets of course participants.
  5. Video Quiz Creation and Administration Now Within Media Details
    Content Creators can now create and manage their video quizzes directly within the familiar Media Details view. Previously, quiz content was managed in a special section within My Account settings. Over the coming months, we will continue to introduce new quiz capabilities, as well as improved creation workflows.
  6. Video Quiz Creators Can Now Add Hints to Questions
    Video Quizzes now support the ability to add a Hint to a question. Users who opt to view the Hint are displayed to the instructor within the YuJa Gradebook.
  7. Richer Video Quiz Question and Answer Fields including LaTeX Support
    To support more sophisticated formatting options, the question and response fields now allow entries that can exceed 140 characters and be formatted via a built-in formatting toolbar. For users wishing to create richer formatting for STEM-based content, we have also integrated support for the LaTeX language in the question and response fields.
  8. More Intuitive Question Markers Below Timeline of Video Quiz
    The Video Quiz timeline incorporates new question markers that “fill in” as a particular question has been completed.
  9. Improved HTML5 Video Conference Replay
    This release, we completely overhauled the conference replay to be more robust. This should provide both a more intuitive replay experience, as well as fewer situations with video conference replay issues.
  10. More Intuitive Thumbnail Selection Option within Media Details
    Based on customer feedback, we improved the selection of custom thumbnails within the Media Details. The new selection uses an image carousel with more clear delineation of the current thumbnail being used.