United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20191011 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 175+ new features and improvements.

  1. IMS Caliper Analytics 1.1 Certification Achieved
    Our big data analytics achieved a major milestone by being awarded IMS Caliper Analytics 1.1 certification. Interested organizations can take advantage of this optional SKU that is available to all Enterprise Video Platform customers. A little more on IMS Caliper: “Caliper Analytics enables institutions to collect learning data from digital resources to better understand and visualize learning activity and product usage data, and present this information to students, instructors, and advisors in meaningful ways to help inform: student recruitment and retention plans, program, curriculum, and course design, student intervention measures”
  2. New Ad Astra Integration for Integration with Enterprise Scheduling Systems
    A new Ad Astra enterprise scheduling integration is now available to all organizations. Room calendars can by synch-ed and then mapped to specific Software Capture and Hardware Hub capture resources. This enables fully automated scheduling, recording, publishing and distribution.
  3. New Reflective Pause Question Type for Video Quizzes
    A new question type called Reflective Pause is now available within Video Quizzes. This question type is designed to re-focus the viewer on the video content through the use of a rhetorical and thought-provoking question. This tool is a new capability to ensure that all video content – including compliance training, security compliance, etc. – receives the focus and attention of the viewer.
  4. Improved Device Source Preview Window
    Improved the view of the Source Preview shown within the Devices tab of Admin Panel. Also, clarified case where there is no active signal to show a status of No Active Signal instead of an error state.
  5. Deprecated Video Classroom Name within Platform
    As we have transitioned fully to an HTML5-based Video Conferencing tool, the old tool’s name (Video Classrooms) has – for the most part – been transitioned-out from the Platform.
  6. New Overlay Style Captioning for Single Stream Videos
    A new overlay caption style, similar to Netflix and YouTube, provides viewers with the opportunity to use the full window for viewing the video instead of allocating a significant portion to a fixed caption bar. The same 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA)-compliant user-selectable opacity, color and font settings are also available with this new capability.
  7. Improved Performance for Folders with Pictures
    The load-time performance for folders containing a large number of pictures is now considerably better (10x faster).
  8. Performance Improvements for Change Owner Capability
    Improved performance within the Change Owner dialog for institutions with over 25,000 user entries.
  9. Simplified Process to Request Data Backups
    Organizations wishing to request a copy of their organization’s Storage may initiate the request directly within the Admin Panel’s Storage Quota tab. Please note that Professional Services may apply to the fulfillments of these requests.
  10. Media Chooser LMS Extension Offers More Clear Action and UI
    The available actions within the LMS Media Chooser are now shown more clearly within the Top Bar. This is aimed at improving the user experience for novice users who may be using the video tools to embed their first video or create their first Video Assignment.
  11. Ability to Watch a Video in Chrome within an Inactive Tab
    Users watching video content within one Chrome tab, while actively navigating within another tab, can now continue to listen to the YuJa-hosted video. Previously, due to a recent Chrome update, the video would automatically pause when the Chrome tab became inactive.
  12. Improved Test Proctoring Workflow for Courses with Multiple Instructors
    Courses with multiple instructors co-teaching can now designate where proctored test recordings should go.