United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20191108 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 195+ new features and improvements.

  1. Users Can Now Resume Watching Where They Left Off
    Viewers watching content as an authenticated user can now resume watching a video from the place they previously left off. A user’s video resumption history is retained for all videos the user is authorized to view.
  2. Auto-Captioning Now Offers Advanced Punctuation Capabilities for both Captions and Transcripts
    Over the next two releases, we are rolling out some innovative updates to our auto-captioning capabilities. The first of these capabilities is that the captioning engine will now provide advanced punctuation when performing captioning and transcription.
  3. YouTube Media Ingestion to “Deep Import” Content
    User wishing to ingest a YouTube video can now specify a link and import the video content into their My Media account. This enables YouTube content to be ingested, auto-captioned and used in accordance with the TEACH ACT.
  4. New Dark Mode Branding Option for Top Navigation Bar
    The Platform offers a new Dark Mode branding option for the Top Navigation Bar that also includes color customization of the top-bar’s color.
  5. Roster View Displays the LMS and Single Sign Linkage Attribute Information
    The Roster tab within the Admin Panel now displays the dual integration parameters. This can be used by Administrators to ensure that the Linkage Attribute is being transferred correctly from the organization’s upstream enterprise systems.
  6. Support for Enabling End-User Downloading at the Media Channel Level
    Content Owners can now enable download privileges to an entire course-level Media Channel to viewers.
  7. Inline Action Menu Support within the List View of My Media
    Users managing their content within the List View now have the same inline Action Menu as they do with the Thumbnail View.
  8. On-Screen Message When an Ad Blocker Could Interfere with Platform Use
    With a plethora of browser-based plugins blocking webapp and website capabilities, in a situation where the Platform detects components were blocked, a clear message will be displayed informing the user of this situation.
  9. Added Support for the oEmbed Open Format
    To promote easier content exchange with third-party resources, as a content Provider, we have implemented the oEmbed protocol. This makes it easier to share content as embedding blog posts on websites and social platforms such as Twitter.
  10. Better On-Screen Guidance for Uploading Media for the First Time
    New users are now greeted with a “Happy Folder” icon that provides a succinct suggestion on how to add content to their My Media account.
  11. Added Native Integration Option for Microsoft Azure-based SAML
    Organizations integrating with Azure ADFS now have a dedicated integration tab rather than using the generic SAML integration tab.
  12. New Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Between Primary and Secondary Streams
    The Media Player now supports faster toggling between sources using the lower-case v key.
  13. Media-Level Player Branding Option to Hide Video Chapters on a Per-Video Basis
    As part of a feature spanning multiple releases, we are adding media-level branding options for specific videos. The first of these capabilities is the ability to hide the left-side mini-bar of the Media Player.
  14. Native Support for VTT and XML Caption File Ingestion
    The Platform now supports the ability to ingest VTT and XML caption file formats and display them within the Media Player. All existing multi-language and caption capabilities are compatible with the new VTT and XML caption file formats.
  15. Video Conference Now Has Audit Log Capability
    To help troubleshoot Video Conferencing issues that arise, the Platform now integrates and audit log capability. Over the coming releases we will continue to add additional events and logs.
  16. Video Conference Has Server-Side Performance Improvements for Improved Scalability
    To support additional capacity and improve stability, additional server-side performance and stability improvements were deployed.