United States Zone – Semi-Monthly RC20191206 Released

We have successfully pushed an update to all instances residing in the United States. Please note that this release will be pushed to Canadian and European Union zones next week. This release includes over 165+ new features and improvements.

  1. Easier-to-Use and More Robust Video Uploading Experience
    The Platform now integrates a new media uploading experience that’s easier-to-use, more fault-tolerant and faster. The new upload experience now includes:

    • Faster uploads with auto-queuing capabilities
    • Better adaptation to browser capabilities and constraints
    • Upload continuation even when navigating between Video Platform pages
    • Better user interface with “docking” window controls

  2. Video Editor Now Shows Captioning Confidence Scores
    Users can now highlight words within the captioning that was below a specific Confidence Score. The words that the captioning engine AI was not “sure of” are highlighted to enable a more streamlined editing experience. Users can also hover over any word to see the specific Confidence Score attained when transcribing the given word. Please note this capability is only available for newly auto-captioned content.

  3. Multi-Level Training Dictionary Available for Improved Caption Quality
    Both organizations and individuals have new tools to improve the captioning quality of the Platform’s integrated artificial intelligence-based captioning. Organizations can establish an instance-wide dictionary, and users submitting videos for auto-captioning can also include a video-specific custom dictionary.

  4. Create Multiple Media Player Branding “Skins”
    Organizations can now create multiple Media Player branding options (often called “skins”) that can be applied organization-wide or to specific videos. Customizations include primary and secondary button placements, colors, and menu option selections.

  5. Improved Media Player User Interface
    New iconography and menu style provides a more modern user experience for both instructional and marketing video use-cases alike. These improvements to the Media Player can be utilized in conjunction with the Multiple Player Branding capabilities also released in this update.

  6. Video Editor Supports Removal of Video Stream While Retaining the Embedded Audio Track
    Users who use the capture tools to record a multi-source recording, but then wish to subsequently remove the video source that contains the audio track, can now do so.
  7. New Video Conference Start Panel with Participant and Chat Pane
    A new “Start Screen” is now available within the Video Conference that provides the ability for participants to quickly access meeting bridge, participant list, and chat information.

  8. New Participant Panel with “Raise Hand” Capabilities
    Video Conference participants now have the ability to perform a virtual “Raise Hands” within a meeting. The meeting owners and presenters receive a notification of the hand-raise as both a notification message and indicator on the Participant Panel.