Update for YuJa Software Station for Apple Available to US, CAN and EU Zones

We have successfully pushed an updated YuJa Software Station for PC to all physical zones residing in the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

  1. General Stability Fixes and Minor Improvements
    We also added about a dozen fixes to various stability improvements and edge cases. Highlights of the fixes are noted below:

    #162584536 – Apple Capture – Resolved edge-case in media recoverability where shutting down ungracefully could leave a permanently processing live stream and a completed one.
    #162665441 – Apple Capture – Resolved rare issue where a scheduled live stream could crash the application.
    #163203646 – Apple Capture – Resolved issue where a video stream could freeze and become offset of the other when the YuJa app icon is clicked on.
    #163099066 – Apple Capture – Resolved rare issue where the software capture application could crash when an error alert dialog was intended to indicate an abnormal issue.
    #163525685 – Apple Capture – Improved client-side media recoverability when an abnormal issue causes a media fragment.
    #163598316 – Apple Capture – Improved partial screen recording error handling by preventing the capture area from being too small to practically record. Previously this could result in a crash of the screen capture module.
    #163638006 – Apple Capture – Improved error logging in situations which result in a crash state.