Update for YuJa Software Station for Apple Available to US Zones

We have successfully pushed an updated YuJa Software Station for Apple to all physical zones residing in the United States. A corresponding release will take place in the Canadian Zone next week.

  1. New Apple Capture Application with Full Media Recoverability
    We released a new version of the Apple Capture application that includes complete Media Recoverability. Like the PC Capture application’s capability, media recoverability enables abruptly or incorrectly terminated recordings to be uploaded and restored without manual intervention.

    Additionally, we moved the media recovery algorithms to the Cloud. By moving the recovery process to the Cloud, it enables us to continue to fine-tune and strengthen the recovery algorithms without necessitating end-users’ update their software capture applications. Software Capture on PC – which already has local media recoverability – will also benefit from this new architecture in a future release.

  2. Apple Capture Now Offer Partial Screen Recording
    The newest Apple Capture version matches parity with the PC Capture’s partial screen recording. This includes the ability to dynamically select a region of the screen to record for ad-hoc and auto-scheduled scenarios.