Update for YuJa Software Station for Apple Now Available

We have successfully pushed a major version update to the YuJa Software Station for Apple to all zones. This release includes:

  1. Overall improvement to the look-and-feel of the application’s main interface.
  2. New Confidence Monitor user-interface that does not require the pre-creation of a Profile to use it. If you’re familiar with the PC version’s Confidence Monitor, this one follows it closely.
  3. Confidence monitor for the screen source now preserves the aspect ratio.
  4. Improvement to Device Management by making application Registration an optional and Administrative-only option.

Alongside these improvements, we also addressed a dozen smaller bug fixes and small improvements.

NB: One clarification on this upgrade, the new version requires OS 10.10+ or higher. If you require an older binary for customers who use older Apple computers, please let us know.