Update for YuJa Software Station for PC Available to CAN and EU Zones

We have successfully pushed an updated YuJa Software Station for PC to all physical zones residing in Canada and the European Union.

  1. Improved Media Recoverability for Recordings with Simultaneous Live Streaming
    We’ve built upon the media recovery algorithms transitioned to the Cloud previously by extending PC Capture media recoverability capability in situations of abnormal or improper termination to include recordings that are also being live streamed.
  2. Extended Delcom Button Support
    We extended the Delcom button support available on PC Captures to include improvements to the pause/resume status indicator. Further, we added a stop action initiated by pressing the button for 5 seconds.
  3. General Fixes and Minor Improvements
    We also added about a dozen fixes to various resolution detection, boundary cases, and error handling. Highlights of the fixes are noted below:

    #162774776 – PC Capture – Improved detection of screen resolutions for some unusual resolution sizes such as 3000×2000. Previously the detection would be short a few pixels.
    #162917978 – PC Capture – Resolved rare issue where a Windows scaling factor (such as 125%) could fail to be detected properly and used during resolution size calculation.
    #163135066 – PC Capture – Resolved issue where the application could crash when selecting a Media Channel when authenticating via LDAP.
    #163099963 – PC Capture – Improved error handling where a selected Profile contains a device that is not available or changed name.
    #163373527 – PC Capture – Added lower bound threshold for minimal screen capture area when using the Capture Area capability. Previously an extremely small capture area could result in the recording to fail to process properly.