Update to HTML5 Video Conferencing System Released to All Zone – RC20200703 Released

A new version of the Video Conference platform has been released. Please keep in mind that the release cadence for the Video Conference has been increased to twice-a-month (or more) as we roll out capabilities on a more aggressive release schedule in preparation for the Fall.

  1. Improved Connection Management and Retry Capabilities
    The Video Conference Platform now will perform individual connection-level retries to re-establish connections that may be on slower or high-latency connections.
  2. Improved Firewall Traversal Capabilities
    Capabilities to better traverse specific firewall and router configurations have been deployed. This should resolve several connection issues that users experience.
  3. New Ability to Select Video and Audio Options from the Entry Panel
    Now the Entry Panel has a new option to select Video and Audio directly before entering the Video Conference.
  4. New Top Bar Audio and Video Selection Options
    The Audio and Video buttons within the Top Bar now provide the ability to toggle between available video and mic sources.