Video Conference Platform – Update Android App v1.0 Update Released to All Zones

We have successfully published Version 1.0 of the YuJa Video Conference for Android application to the Google Play Store. This application provides the ability to attend video conferences on Android phones and tablet devices. We are planning a similar mobile application for iOS platforms in Q2 of 2021. Click here to learn more about the new Android application.

  1. Audio, Video, Screen Sharing, and Chat Capabilities

    Attend a video conference session with the ability to participate over video, audio, screen, and chat.

  2. New Meeting Code Capability to Quickly Join a Meeting

    The web-based Video Conference application within the Meeting Info screen now provides a 7-digit Meeting Code which can be used to join a video conference within the Android application.

  3. Screen View Supports Both Portrait and Landscape Views

    The Screen view is compatible with both portrait and landscape views.

  4. Users Tab Provides Current Attendee List

    The User tab provides a listing of attendees and their current sources available. In future releases, additional participant management capabilities will be integrated into this view.

  5. Real-Time Chat Capabilities

    Participate in a real-time chat session while inside a video conference session.