Video Conference Platform – Update RC20201023 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all Video Conference instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union.

  1. Cleaner More Modern Interface with Improved Action Bar Capabilities

    The HTML5-based Video Conference interface has a new look-and-feel that provides a cleaner interface, easier access to key capabilities, and a more intuitive navigation experience.

  2. New Quick Access Buttons with Click-to-Toggle Capabilities

    The new Navigation Bar auto-hides to ensure the visual focus is on the video conference experience rather than the toolset. The buttons also provide handy click-to-toggle between various view modes and sharing tools.

  3. Improved Video Conference Recording Synchronization

    This release includes over 25+ improvements to the video conference recording including audio synchronization.

  4. Coming Soon – Native YuJa Video Conference for Android Application

    This quarter, we also anticipate introducing our beta Video Conference for Android application. This is part of a broader strategy to provide a unified, cross-device video experience for on-demand and synchronous video.