Video Conference Platform – Update RC20210201 Released to All Zones

We have successfully pushed an update to all Video Conference instances residing in the United States, Canada and the European Union. This release was primarily focused on 50+ internal scalability improvements, performance of key functionality, as well as fixes and product improvements.

  1. Increased Maximum Video Boxes to 12

    The total number of simultaneous individuals on video has been increased to 12 alongside up to 200+ attendees. We will continue to increase this capability within the Video Conference Platform over the coming months.

  2. Who’s Talking Indicator

    Any persons with active and consistent audio signals will now have a green outline shown within their video box.

  3. Unified Video Conferencing Entry Screen

    As part of a process to turn the two-step entry-screen to a one-step one, we simplified the screen UI with options to join a video conference directly on the entry screen. Relevant media source toggling, preview, and phone dial-in are available within the unified panel.

  4. Mute While Taking Warning

    When a participant is talking while muted, an on-screen message will now appear letting them know that they are muted.

  5. Improved Participant Labeling. No-Video View, and Landscape Video Boxes

    We now offer a more space efficient and participant labeling along with a wider-aspect ratio for participant video boxes.